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Coquette make-up trend

Here's How To Ace The Coquette Make-Up Trend Easily

Hyper-feminine and slightly whimsical, the newest trendy aesthetic draws inspiration from the romanticism of the coquette archetype. It typically involves soft, doll-like features and focuses on enhancing natural beauty with subtle touches of playfulness. The coquette make-up trend delves into a world of flirtatious femininity, merging vintage char

Alia Bhatt

6 Steps To Get A Luminous Glow (& The Products You’ll Need)

What better way to go into the year than with a fresh, luminous glow? Soft and subtle, this versatile easy-to-create look will have you turning heads — we show you how... MORE: Cactus Beauty Products that you can include in your Kit RELATED: Beauty Products For An Eternal Glow

Muskan Chanchlani Interview

Muskan Chanchlani’s Beauty Hack For Dry Skin Is Genius

In the fast-paced world of beauty and lifestyle, content creation and influence are the names of the game. And one rising star in this industry is none other than the beauty blogger and YouTuber Muskan Chanchlani. With a keen eye for detail, a passion for all things beauty, and an infectious personality, this influencer has captured the hearts of m

Paris Hilton beauty look

Recreate Paris Hilton’s Beauty Look With These Products

As you gear up for end-of-the-year festivities, channel your inner Paris. HELLO! breaks down her ultra glam look of sparkly eyes and heaps of gloss that will make all go, ‘It’s Hot!’ To get that effortless ‘Parisian’ glam, here is a pro tip: Swap your primer for a hydrating facial oil to create a smooth base for your foundation and a healthy glow.

Taylor Momsen and Avril Lavigne

The ‘90s Grunge Look Is Back With The ‘Marinated Make-Up’ Trend

‘Marinated make-up’ is the Internet’s latest take on the grungy, post-covid resurgence of nightlife and ‘90s and Y2K nostalgia. This trend pays homage to pop culture and teen angst icons Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Taylor Momsen and the likes, featuring a messy, ‘up-all-night,’ smudged-eyeliner-and-swollen-lips look. If you’re into emo, heavy, an

Bella Hadid

Get Those Supermodel Cheekbones With This Contour Hack

Let’s be honest, models have the razor-sharp cheekbones of our collective dreams. I mean, just look at Bella Hadid—anyone else think she’s a reincarnated Greek goddess? And while, most of them have the goods, a lot of times, those cheekbones are the result of expert make-up tricks. Ask any make-up artist and they’ll tell you that the placement of t