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Maharaja Lakshraj Prakash Singh

Maharaja Lakshraj Prakash Singh On His Heritage

H! Factor: The youngest scion of the Jaipur royal family, he actively supports the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation and aims to preserve and promote his region’s heritage. HELLO!: Share some of your earliest memories of growing up in a royal household. Lakshraj Prakash: “Being brought up in a royal household was truly a huge privilege. Some of my ea

Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar and Jacob diamond

5 Facts About Indian Royals That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether it’s a royal wedding or a royal scandal, there’s no denying that the world is fascinated by the world of kings and queens. Much before Indian royals squabbled over pieces of land atop which iconic monuments stand, they created extraordinary legends around them with their eccentric choices and lavish lifestyles. It has been recorded that bef

Indian Royal Families

7 Indian Royal Families You Should Know About If You’re Obsessed With The Crown

You’ve binge-watched every episode of The Crown twice and have read up everything there is to know about the royal family. But did you know, India has some of the most illustrious and enigmatic royal families in the world? India’s rich culture, fine arts, textiles, spices and heritage have always played a vital role in putting the country on the wo