Harry Styles

Is Your Favourite Celebrity On Team ‘Pineapple On Pizza’ Or Not?

There are a few issues that divide countries, tear apart families, and threaten to bring humanity to the brink of collapse, like which ‘Chris’ is the superior Chris in Hollywood? (If the answer was anything other than Chris Pine, you are a monster who doesn’t deserve any rights), or do you put milk before cereal in the bowl or are you normal? MORE:

Lizzo And Harry Styles

The Second Weekend Of Coachella Just Got A Lot More Fun With A Surprise Performance By Lizzo And Harry Styles

The second weekend of Coachella began with a big bang as Lizzo joined Harry Styles for a surprise performance. On Friday, April 22, Lizzo took the crowd by surprise as she walked onto the stage as she and Styles wore matching pink feathered coats by Gucci. The incredible duo performed two iconic songs, Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit ‘I Will Survive’ and