Pooja Dhingra’s Cupcake Recipe

Try Pooja Dhingra’s Christmas Cupcake Recipe At Home

You tell us that the first thing that pops up in your head when we say “Christmas” is not delicious desserts and we’ll show you a liar. Christmas is all about joy and warmth and one of the biggest things that provide said joy and warmth is dessert. The ‘macaron queen of India’ Chef Pooja Dhingra agrees with us wholeheartedly. The founder of Le15 Pa

Here Is How To Make Taylor Swift’s Iconic Chai Sugar Cookies

Taylor Swift’s chai sugar cookies are legendary in the world of Tumblr. Before Instagram became our go-to social media platform, Tumblr was not only ours but also Taylor Swift’s ride-or-die. Recently, TikTok brought back the ‘Shake It Off’ singer’s iconic cookie recipe from the singer’s Tumblr page, so obviously Swifties around the world had to try

Dessert Shows On Netflix

9 Shows About Desserts On Netflix That You Can Watch If You Have A Sweet Tooth

From shows about creating giant sculptures out of chocolate to a reality competition show where people guess whether things are cake or not, these dessert-focussed shows on Netflix are the platform’s not-so-hidden gems. These light-hearted, wholesome shows are perfect for when you’re looking to unwind or indulge your sweet tooth in a much healthier