flat croissant

The Viral ‘Flat Croissant’ Is Our Favourite Dessert Of The Moment

The latest ‘foodtok’ sensation to capture home chefs and carb enthusiasts alike is the viral ‘flat croissant’ recipe. Born out of the need to breathe new life into day-old pastries, this innovative twist on the classic croissant has taken social media by storm. From its humble beginnings as a simple hack to revive stale croissants, it has now bloss

Whip Up These Tricolour Recipes For Independence Day

If you’re planning to flex your culinary skills this Independence Day long weekend, what better way to do it than trying out tricoloured recipes from experts helming the kitchens of some of the best restaurants in the country? If you have an Independence Day-themed get-together planned, these recipes can be perfect to impress your guests. From the

Indian Dessert Recipes

Love Indian Desserts? Try These Recipes That Come With A Twist!

India is a country rich with colours, traditions, art and crafts, and more importantly, cuisine. Given the large range and variety of dishes available, the nation is nothing short of a foodie’s paradise. While there is no shortage of delicious savoury dishes, Indian desserts have a special place in the heart of anyone with a sweet tooth. Every hous

Kartik Aaryan Rasmalai Recipe

You Need To Try Kartik Aaryan’s Favourite Homemade Rasmalai

Shehzada star Kartik Aaryan is a self-confessed foodie who has a big sweet tooth. Rasmalai is the actor’s all-time favourite dessert and he has professed his love for this Indian mithai on several occasions. Here’s how you can make Rasmalai at home. 500 ml Milk

Eat Candy Job

You Can Get Paid INR 80 Lakhs Just To Eat Candy!

In what can only be described as a feverish dream announcement for anyone with a sweet tooth, a Canadian company has announced that they will pay you to eat candy and decide which ones will go ahead to be sold by them! Candy Funhouse, an Ontario-based company, has posted a job opening that claims they’re looking for a ‘Chief Candy Officer’ who will

Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd

Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd Shares Her Favourite Chocolate Recipes

It’s World Chocolate Day and it’s officially time to celebrate and indulge in the delicious and rich treat because, why not? Whether it’s helping you get over the blues or being the go-to gift to let someone know you’re thinking about them, chocolate is the one-stop answer for all. While you can just gorge on the nearest chocolate bar you can find