Lakmé Fashion Week Day 2

HELLO! Recaps: Everything That Happened On Day 2 Of LFW Mumbai Edition

Day 2 of Lakmé Fashion Week was ‘Sustainable Day’ and, therefore, was dedicated to highlighting eco-friendly and sustainable practices in fashion and the designers championing them. The schedule was packed with exciting showcases from designers like Diksha Khanna, Label Studio Medium, Swatti Kapoor, Eka, Anju Modi, Abraham and Thakore, and Satya Pa

Rimzim Dadu and her muses

Rimzim Dadu On How She Changed The Fashion Industry One Structured Silhouette At A Time

It’s hard to believe that this petite designer, who looks like she’s in her early 20s, is about to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her eponymous brand, Rimzim Dadu. Rimzim (her parents named after the Hindi word for ‘rain’ with a stylish twist) grew up in Delhi, where her father ran a garments export business. She’s come a long way since her ‘my

Designer Kunal Rawal with Arjun Kapoor

Kunal Rawal Explains How Menswear In India Has Evolved Over The Past 15 Years

It won’t be far-fetched to say that designer Kunal Rawal has played a significant role in introducing a new facet of menswear in India. One of the most notable contributions from the designer is pushing forward the agenda that men can have fun with fashion too. Rawal has proven this time and again, especially with his designs for wedding ensembles

Designer Rooshad Shroff

Rooshad Shroff Opens Up About His Design Journey

From Delhi and Hyderabad, to London, Bangkok and Abu Dhabi, Rooshad Shroff has made a mark, his love for architecture extending beyond laying foundations and constructing homes. When he founded his studio in Mumbai in 2011, Shroff vowed to steer clear of his comfort zone and not restrict his thinking, and instead, delve deep into the varied shades

Designer Punit Balana Rajasthani Collection

Designer Punit Balana Seeks To Paint The Town In Regal Rajasthani Hues With His LFW 2022 Collection

“Contemporary yet bold, steeped in tradition yet liberal. It’s an artist’s fantasy come true!” avers celebrated fashion designerPunit Balana rather elatedly, on being quizzed about the vibe of his latest collection titled Lakshmi. “Lakshmi is a canvas painted with bold lotus, birds, enchanted gardens. We’ve largely experimented with explorative lay

Lakmé Fashion Week 2022 : Day 3

HELLO! Recaps: Everything That Happened At Day 3 Of Lakmé Fashion Week 2022

One of the most-awaited events in the calendars of every fashion enthusiast in the country, the Lakmé Fashion Week is back in its physical form in the post-pandemic world. Making its move from Mumbai to Delhi, the event opened big with a showcase at the Italian Embassy by designer Rahul Mishra, setting the tone for the exciting new launches to come