What’s It Like To Stay At Massimo Bottura’s 18th Century Villa

‘Indescribable’ is a word writers should not be allowed to use. Pardon me, but it’s almost impossible to capture the essence of staying in Casa Maria Luigia perched on the lush outskirts of Modena in Italy. It’s not merely a 12-room, 18th-century Italian villa set amid 12 acres of Emilian parkland with vineyards, a sparking swimming pool, tennis co

chocolate recipes

Celebrate World Chocolate Day With These Chef-Approved Recipes

Embracing the monsoon season’s cooler weather, chocolate lovers worldwide have found the perfect excuse to cosy up and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. On July 7, people from all walks of life unite to celebrate World Chocolate Day, an occasion dedicated to indulging in the mouthwatering treat that has captured our senses for centuries. From its humbl

Chef Atul Kochhar and Vishal Anand

Chef Atul Kochhar Wants You To Give Magadhi Cuisine A Try

If you’re someone who loves to travel to different destinations to explore the food and traditions but haven’t been able to figure out time off from the daily hustle and bustle, Gurugram’s SAGA might have an answer for you. The restaurant has undertaken the mission to bring every corner of India under its roof through the food festival, The Great I

MasterChef Australia Winner Sashi Cheliah

MasterChef Australia Winner Sashi Cheliah’s ‘Gaja Fried Chicken’ Recipe

Singapore-born Australian chef Sashi Cheliah has based his culinary philosophy on a valuable lesson he learnt from Gordon Ramsay. Less is always more. “Using fewer ingredients and creating and extracting maximum flavours out of those is extremely crucial rather than using a plethora of ingredients in a single dish wherein you can’t even identify in

Chef Manu Chandra Shares The Recipe For The Best Baked Brie You’ll Ever Eat

In 2012, Chef Manu Chandra introduced India to ‘gastropubs’, whipping up the first-of-its-kind amalgam of the best brew and grub with Monkey Bar. Ten years and several branches of iconic haunts later, Chandra bid adieu to the Olive group in 2021 and is now ready to venture down a new path. Also the culinary genius behind the revolutionary Toast & T

Chef Manish Mehrotra of 'Indian Accent'

Chef Manish Mehrotra, of Indian Accent, Reveals The One Cooking Hack You Must Always Follow Without Fail

Whether you’re a pro at cooking or you’re just a beginner who is learning to boil an egg without burning down the whole kitchen, useful tips and hacks from a professional chef are worth their weight in gold. Celebrity chef Manish Mehrotra, who heads the kitchen at the award-winning restaurant Indian Accent, sat down for a chat with us post him bein