Successful Women in India

6 Successful Women On The Importance Of Sisterhood And More

Outside, the incessant rains may have dampened spirits, but inside the restaurant, it’s all wine and roses. Well, Prosecco and carnations to be precise. Music, laughter and casual banter are punctuated by the clinking of crystal flutes, besides the directions shouted out by the photographer and the queries of frantic assistants. Yet it seems only f

How To Launch A Beauty Brand

How To Successfully Launch A Beauty Brand During The Pandemic

If the past two years have highlighted one fact, it is that no brand is bulletproof during the pandemic. Multinational conglomerates have been pivoting production, drawing shutters of heavily trafficked outposts and going back to the drawing board—so what chance does a newbie stand in the beauty aisle? However, it is perhaps this very unfettered vi