Anita Lal

HELLO! 100 Most Influential: Anita Lal

Why she matters: What does it take for a home-grown brand to become a celebrated name worldwide? Sanghita Singh finds out, in conversation with the woman who built the Good Earth empire, the foundations of which she laid in the simple tenets of purity of intent and being true to the Indian design ethos. This is not the first time I’m meeting Anita

Priyanka Gill interview

Priyanka Gill On Leading A Company With Unicorn Status & More

Priyanka Gill leads a giant company that hit unicorn status last year — all while pursuing an MBA, living between cities, anchoring a podcast, juggling her kids’ studies and empowering women through a unique platform. HELLO! gets down to business with this superwoman! HELLO!: You founded two platforms, co-founded two others and are the CEO of Good

Elon Musk - Twitter Illustration

6 Rules Elon Musk Implements For A Productive Workplace

Love him or hate him—sentiments in-between seem to be rare—Elon Musk has been having a very productive few years lately. The controversial man behind Tesla, SpaceX and now Twitter has become a regular feature in headlines due to his business decisions and unique management techniques. Supporters of Musk often tout him as a highly effective and prod