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mermaidcore trend

7 Easy Ways To Embody The ‘Mermaid-Core’ Beauty Trend

In a world where reality often feels overwhelming, beauty trends provide a delightful escape into realms of imagination and self-expression. Just as the Barbie-core trend invites us to indulge in nostalgia and embrace our playful side, the resurgence of mermaidcore offers a whimsical getaway into the enchanting depths of the ocean. Mermaids have al

viral makeup looks for NYE

5 Viral Makeup Looks From 2022 To Try For New Year’s Eve

2022 is at its end and we can’t help but look back at the year gone by and after a season filled with sunburn blush, extra glossy and lined lips, dewy skin, graphic eyeliner and the Wednesday-inspired soft-goth glam, we can’t wait to see what the next year might have in store for us. But before we write off this year’s makeup trends as ‘so last yea

meghan markle hairstyles

4 Iconic Meghan Markle Hairstyles You Can Easily Recreate

Even though the Duchess of Sussex has been turning heads with her style choices ever since she appeared on screen as Rachel in Suits, her signature hairstyles post marriage are what have been shaking up the “royal beauty” standards. Whether she is showing up with a messy bun with wisps, or a polished blowout, Markle’s looks have served as a breath

Crying Make-Up Trend

Crying Make-Up Is The Ultimate Sad Girl Autumn Beauty Look

For all the people who love to watch themselves cry, this beauty trend might just interest you. We are now officially entering sad girl autumn and embracing the flushed cheeks and glossy eyes with total pride. After season two of Euphoria, people around the world were obsessed with Cassie’s iconic crying look and everyone was trying to recreate it.

Hair Botox Beauty Trend

The Hair Botox Beauty Trend Explained

It feels like there’s no problem Botox can’t solve these days—anything from a migraine, forehead wrinkles to sweaty armpits and a widened jawline, Botox is your guy. And now, with over 285K views on the #HairBotox hashtag on Instagram, a new beauty trend is doing the rounds on the internet. Before you freak out and imagine needles poking at your ha

White Concealer Viral Trend

Do We Vibe With The White Concealer Viral Trend?

Listen up beauty junkies! There’s a new make-up trend on the block—and this time it’s something Gen Z has borrowed from the ’90s and early 2000s babies. The latest viral hack taking over TikTok is the white concealer trend for an ultra-glam Kardashian-esque under eye look. First brought to light by TikTok creator @blumarinebae, whose video blew up