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artist Rajyashri Goody interview

Artist Rajyashri Goody On The Growing Art Community in India

Many artists create for the pleasure of creation, while others choose to use their artistic voice to champion causes relegated to the fringes of consciousness. There’s no doubt that artist Rajyashri Goody belongs to the latter, having bagged the award for ‘Exhibition of the Year – Gallery’ for her poignant exhibit titled ‘Is the Water Chavdar’, sho

Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’

You Can Now Fully Lose Yourself In Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’

Austrian artist Gustav Klimt’s most iconic masterpieces are coming to life in an immersive exhibition in New York City to mark the launch of a new art center. NYC is known to be one of the most thriving hubs of art in the world. This is why it’s even more exciting that a new art destination has been added to the list of places to visit in the city

Art Collector Krupa Amin

Art Collector Krupa Amin On How To Decipher Art And More...

Once engulfed in the overwhelming fumes of chemicals, the centuries-old distillery in Vadodara’s Alembic City now brews something entirely new — art and the artists behind them. The discerning eye behind this transformation is Vadodara native Krupa Amin, art collector, patron and founding director of Space Studio. A graduate from Nottingham Univers