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Ranveer Singh

5 Craziest Police Cases Against Bollywood Celebrities

While most people usually assemble jigsaw puzzles or knit in their free time, there are some who file bizarre police cases against Bollywood celebrities mostly because they can. The most recent example of this includes actor Ranveer Singh, whose edgy yet tasteful nude photoshoot for a magazine has apparently outraged the modesty of women with its o

Beyoncé and Vitar Anushka Wedding Photo

7 Celebrity Weddings That Got The Whole World Talking

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s upcoming wedding has occupied the news cycle with their changing wedding dates, the wedding trousseau arriving in a local cab, or frantic paparazzi coverage of the couple’s close friends and family’s each and every single activity. A big celebrity wedding like this is enough to give people something to obsess over as

Abhishek Bachchan Reveals The Best Advice Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Has Given Him On Dealing With Haters And Negativity

Facing negative comments and online trolls comes with the territory of being a big Bollywood star, and nobody knows this better than Abhishek Bachchan. The Guru actor has never shied away from confronting hate comments and trolls head-on through his witty replies and Tweets. But all that negativity is bound to take its toll and Bachchan has the per