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6 Indigenous Home Decor Brands That Vouch For Sustainability

The unprecedented high temperatures are proof that climate change is real. And the summer has introduced us to a new dystopian reality with the sudden storms and heatwaves grappling several parts of the country. And so, this World Environment Day, let change start at home by making sustainable choices and being conscious of how our lifestyle is impacting the earth and its ecosystems.

According to a study by the University of Dover, USA, non-recyclable home decor items like furniture, tufted grass, linen and upholstery go straight to landfills, indirectly making way for toxic emissions, groundwater pollution and habitat destruction.

The sad truth is that your choices that set this damaging process in motion will keep impacting the environment long after you’re gone. But, it can all be avoided by simply embracing a sustainable lifestyle and being conscious of the materials and practices used to create an item of your liking. And that’s where we come in — we have narrowed down a few homegrown interior design brands that use eco-friendly production and manufacturing techniques to achieve style and sustainability goals.

So, if you’re on the market for some home decor items, check out these stores that promise to create beautiful products without causing major damage to our collective home: planet earth.

6 Sustainable And Home-Grown Interior Decor Brands:

1. Oorja

A brainchild of entrepreneur Jenny Pinto, Oorja has played a part in creating Benguluru’s first green homes. The brand uses paper and agricultural waste items like banana, water hyacinth and lokta fibre to manufacture lighting accessories. The brand also harvests rainwater and recycles grey water in its manufacturing units to avoid groundwater depletion. Additionally, it also works with local tribal communities across the country to promote craftsmanship and skilled labour.

2. Woody Grass

Sindhuburgh-based interior decor brand Woody Grass focuses on making bamboo-based furniture pieces like armchairs, sofa sets, dining tables, baskets, plant holders, storage boxes and lights made from ethically-sourced bamboo: an eco-friendly hero. The best part? The brand encourages bamboo plantations in drought-prone areas to help with soil binding and also organises skill development programmes for their artisans at regular intervals to boost better living among low-income families.

3. Sirohi

The homegrown interior decor brand, Sirohi, has struck the perfect balance between luxury and sustainability. The brand does not believe in the ‘throw away’ culture. It uses recycled plastic and partially used home decor pieces to manufacture new items like charpais, beds, tables, stools, storage baskets, office accessories, kitchen essentials and much more. In addition, it works with women artisans to encourage local craftsmanship and also provides them with technical education.

4. The Rug Republic

PET bottles are probably one of the largest plastic pollutants in the world. They donot decompose for millions of years, cannot be reused due to microplastic contaminants and will probably be left behind when humanity has been wiped off the planet. Finding a way to recycle them lead to the creation of the home decor brand, The Rug Republic. It uses classic and modern techniques to recycle these and manufacture rugs, carpets, pillows and cushion covers, Over the years, the brand has expanded its presence to 92 countries and six continents. It seeks inspiration from global and local architecture and integrates the same in their designs to add a touch of diversity to its products.

5. The Yellow Dwelling

Yellow Dwelling focuses primarily on reducing the waste in landfills while encouraging water conservation and recyclability. It offers home furnishings like cushion covers, curtains, tablecloth runners and bedsheets made from cent per cent biodegradable materials like jute, river grass and water grass. Additionally, it uses water-based organic colours for its dyeing process, that do not emit toxins or trigger skin allergies.

6. Junekeri Homes

The brand Junekeri Homes is leaving no stone unturned to bring out the beauty in uncommon natural fibres like hand-spun wool and rain-fed cotton for home decor items. The brand uses coconut buttons and upcycled packaging for its distribution purposes. From baskets made of the Kauna Grass found in Manipur to sustainable handwoven throws and lumbar pillows, it offers a wide range of environment-conscious home decor items.