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What’s Going On With K-pop Girl Groups BADVILLAIN And BABYMONSTER?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Another day, another K-pop controversy. On the heels of the plagiraism allegations made against HYBE by ADOR CEO Min Hee-jin, there’s another potential copying scandal brewing with another pair of girl groups.

ICYMI, Big Planet Made’s new K-pop girl group BADVILLAIN is debuting in June 2024. As with any new K-pop group, the company has been sharing posters and teasers to whip up excitement for the debut. However, fans couldn’t help but notice similarities between the posters and teasers for BADVILLAIN and the YG Entertainment’s BABYMONSTER.

It all started when the upcoming girl group released the teaser poster for their debut in April 2024. The poster showcasing the silhouettes of the members was very similar to posters of BABYMONSTER released back in January 2023.

Soon eagle-eyed K-pop followers began to dig deeper and discover other similarities, in logos and melodies, between the two girl groups.

There were some who defended BADVILLAIN by claiming that the parent company uses the same aesthetic to promote all upcoming groups and the red and black colour scheme is not associated with BABYMONSTER’s concept.

However, the controversy was reignited recently when BADVILLAIN shared concept photos of the seven members that were very similar to the photos from BABYMONSTER’s comeback in April 2024.

The companies haven’t addressed the plagiarism allegations and so far it has only been the talk of the Internet.

What do you think of the controversy?