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Shrima Rai On Championing Authenticity Online And More

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Former banker turned digital content creator Shrima Rai, who recently walked London Fashion Week, discusses her supportive spouse, weight struggles, and life as a relative of one of the world’s most beautiful women...

Hello!:Shrima, as a full-time content creator and mum-of-two, you often talk about the challenges of managing a home, husband and kids. What keeps you motivated?

Shrima Rai: Sharing unfiltered moments at home, whether it’s fun banter with my househelp or silly moments with my husband and kids, it’s all about motivating others to see the struggle and triumphs of daily life so it’s relatable to them. We all want the same things: love, fun and a good life.

H!:There are so many digital creators in India today. Where do you think your USP lies?

SR: While I may be over my 30s and a mom-of-two, I represent real women in fashion and beauty. My [Instagram] feed is not just about being a mother; it goes well beyond that, taking care of oneself. That’s why it was so special to walk at London Fashion Week!

H!:And speaking of, you looked absolutely radiant at London Fashion Week! How was the experience?

SR: It was amazing. I walked for the homegrown label Mouktika by Padma Swarupa Bhagavatula as part of the [multi-designer brand] Medusa runway show. It was wonderful to be a part of showcasing Indian talent abroad on such a prestigious platform.

H!:How important is a supportive spouse in this line of work?

SR: I used to have a simple schedule as a banker but today it is very demanding with brand events, shoots and travel so it is extremely helpful to have a supportive husband who understands the needs of my job so the kids don’t feel the pinch at home.

H!:Few people are aware that you are married to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s brother. Was this always a conscious decision to keep things low profile?

SR: It was never an intentional decision to keep it low profile because I always share a good part of my world with everyone. Though, she was apprehensive about being featured on the [social media] feed or cross-promoting each other so I let that be and respected it. She likes her privacy now and that’s fine. I am a self-made personality and not many people who come to my social media page know this about me until they see a little of Aditya and connect the dots themselves.

H!:Do you and Aishwarya exchange notes since you are both in the glamour space?

SR: Not really, because when she was working I had been helping out alongside my mother-in-law. I saw the film industry up close and it’s very different from the new-age digital content creation industry I work in today. We keep our work completely separate as it’s two different worlds.

H!:You have spoken about the challenges of dealing with weight gain and body image issues. What would your advice be to women in similar situations?

SR: I am conscious about the fact that my page often looks polished. So I also post raw, unfiltered content to show the struggles I have been through as a mother and someone who is not naturally blessed with a great metabolism. I love to inspire others to get fit, no matter their age or circumstance. My biggest advice is to get your full body check-ups done at least once a year, lift weights because you lose muscle mass as you age and eat healthy.

H!:What are your personal and professional goals for 2024?

SR: Personally, I want to travel more. Professionally, to be recognised internationally.

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s May 2024 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!