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Lee Mu-saeng And Lee Min-Jae On ‘Hide’, Their Process And More

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Puja Talwar

SLL’s Hide, an adaptation of the Welsh thriller Keeping Faith, is a gripping thriller that has gotten K-drama fans excited. It has been directed by Kim Dong-hwi who is known for his previous works such as Tale of Nokdu and Fight For My Way.

The show is about Cha Sung-jae (Lee Mu-saeng) who is happily married to Na Mun-yeong( Lee Bo-young). His sudden disappearance makes his wife realise that her devoted husband might not be what he seemed. Then there’s the mysterious young man Do Jin-woo (Lee Min-jae) who could be hiding the secrets to her husband’s dark side.

In an exclusive conversation with HELLO! India, the show’s male leads Lee Mu-saeng and Lee Min-jae spoke about the show, their future projects and their love for Indian food….

HELLO!: Lee Mu-saeng, your character Cha Sung-jae plays a key factor in this gripping mystery thriller. He is a complicated man, what was your approach to understanding him? What was it that drew you to the story?

Lee Mu-saeng: “When I read the script of Hide, I was intrigued by the fast-paced development of the story and the mysterious side of the character, Cha Seong-jae. While approaching characters I like to challenge myself. Since Cha Seong-jae has many mysterious aspects to him, so the focus was to express his emotions convincingly. I like various genres, and mystery thriller is one of my favourites.”

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H!: Lee Min Jae, you play the very mysterious Do Jin-woo. What was the prep in understanding this very complex man? What was it about Hide that appealed to you?

Lee Min-jae: “It was fascinating for me that Do Jin-woo has his narrative and shades. His mysterious charm is further amplified by the dark arc of the character in the drama. I tried to understand Do Jin-woo in the script and gave priority to focus on his story, so that I too could feel what he must have felt in his life and current situation. Also while working on Hide, I realized that the mystery suspense genre has a great power to provoke viewers.”


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H!: What was it like working with Lee Bo-young, who is an amazing actor as well?

LMS: “She fills the set with a lot of positive energy. It is easy to work on a set that is easy and happy, and your co-star’s friendly vibe helps create great synergy.”

LMJ: “Bo-young, Moo-saeng, and Chung-ah sunbaenim adored me, which helped me to act to my heart’s content. The seniors made the atmosphere comfortable, so I could work effortlessly.”


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H!: Lee Mu-saeng, your recent filmography has been very exciting, and diverse in its choice of genres. It’s an interesting lineup with titles like Maestra, Blood Free and Gyeongseong Creature 2. What are the key factors in choosing a role or a story for you as an actor?

LMS: “I think the most important thing is how much value the script creates through its message, and how much can it resonate with the global audience, and viewers across. I’m very grateful that K-dramas are loved in many countries and enjoyed by viewers around the world.”

HI: Lee Min-jae, you have an impressive filmography, including titles like Taxi Driver, Cheer Up, Crash Course In Romance and now Weak Hero Class 2. What is the main thing that draws you to a story or a character? Is there a genre or a role you want to try?

LMJ: “I tend to be intrigued by various shades and elements of a character, that challenge me. If given the chance, I’d like to try genres I haven’t done before, such as period dramas, melodramas, zombies, noir, etc. I will be an actor who works hard to show diverse aspects of myself.”

Lee Min-jae©Lee Min-jae

H!: India loves K-dramas, are you familiar with Indian movies? Would you ever like to do a Bollywood film and which kind of genre?

LMS: “I hear about Indian films through various platforms. It would be good to work together if there is an opportunity.”

LMJ: 3 Idiots is the most memorable Indian film. It’s a movie that stuck with me and lingered in my mind. I also personally like Indian curry with all its different flavours. If I ever get the chance, I’d love to travel to India.”