BTS’ Suga & J-Hope© Getty Images

Here’s How To Catch BTS’ Suga & J-Hope On The Big Screen

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

After years of inactivity, the Hwagae Market is open once again, if only for a short time, and Sope is here with some big news for their fans.

If the preceding sentence was gibberish to you, then you must be new here. Sope, a portmanteau of BTS rapline member Suga and J-hope, used to surprise fans with livestreams that they called Hwagae Market where they followed no theme and just had fun with the ARMYs. The much-loved duo officially closed the doors to Hwagae Market before their 2019 world tour but they brought it back for a mini reunion recently.

Suga and J-hope shared a video announcement where they revealed that their solo documentaries will be making their way to the theaters to celebrate BTS’ 10th anniversary in June.

Ever since announcing their temporary hiatus from group activities, the seven members of BTS have explored solo projects, including albums and brand endorsements, and Suga and J-hope have shared their journeys through documentaries.

Both movies delve deep into the unique process behind the creation of their first solo studio albums and have the artists look back on their extraordinary journey to the very top.

Originally released on Disney+, J-hope’s J-hope in the Box and Suga’s Suga: Road to D-Day will be screened in theaters across the world on June 17 and 18th.