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‘Parasite’ Star Song Kang-ho Will Remake ‘Drishyam’ In Korea

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

While it’s common for Korean movies and TV shows to get remade in India, for the first time ever, an Indian film is getting a Korean remake. Jeetu Joseph’s 2013 hit Malayalam thriller Drishyam is going to be remade in Korea.

South Korea’s Anthology Studio and India’s Panorama Studio announced their partnership at the Indian Pavilion during the ongoing Cannes Film Festival in the French Riviera. Anthology Studios, which was founded by former Warner Bros. production head Choi Jae-won, Parasite actor Song Kang-ho, and acclaimed director Kim Jee-won, will be remaking the movie in Korean.

The original movie followed a patriarch who went to extraordinary lengths to protect his family and stay ahead of the police after they got involved in an accidental death.

The Malayalam hit has been remade in several languages already, including Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Sinhala, and Chinese.

Panorama Studio head Kumar Mangat Pathak said, “I’m excited that the Drishyam franchise is being made in Korean. All these years, we have been inspired by Korean fare, now they have found a muse in one of our films. What can be a bigger achievement for the Indian film fraternity? This is the beginning of a valuable cultural exchange between both countries and their film industries.”

His new partner, the co-founder of Anthology Studio Choi Jae-won added, “The remake has greater significance as the first major co-production between Korea and India. Through our partnership, we will be able to bring the best of both Indian and Korean cinema and make a meaningful remake that is as excellent as the original.”

Are you excited to see the Korean version of Drishyam?