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T Rajeev Reddy On The Business Landscape In India & More

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HELLO!: You’re the first winner of HHOF - South’s ‘Rising Entrepreneur of the Year’ award. How does it feel?

T Rajeev Reddy: “It’s definitely an honour to be here, and I’m very thankful. We’ve been working in our field for a while now, and I really appreciate the encouragement.”

H!: Your thoughts on the kind of recognition talent from South India gets today.

TRR: “There’s a lot of companies from this region that are doing very well now. If you check out the summit in Davos that concluded recently, you’ll find that even there, there was a lot of representation from South Indian companies. This makes us feel supremely proud.”

H!: Is the environment in India conducive to budding entrepreneurs?

TRR: “Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that the environment for entrepreneurship has really improved here, especially when compared to 5 to 6 years ago. It’s encouraging young entrepreneurs to try new ventures, and everyone’s been really supportive.”

H!: Do you think India is on the right path towards using clean, renewable sources of energy?

TRR: “Yes, absolutely. That’s part of what we do at Allox Advance Materials. The government has been encouraging and incentivising all to invest in India to boost manufacturing. I believe we will see a great manufacturing boom within the next decade. It’s something I’m looking forward to.”

H!: Any projects you’re looking forward to in 2023?

TRR: “This year, we’re looking at setting up our facility to manufacture battery materials, which are predominantly imported from China or elsewhere at the moment. We want to make India self-reliant in its entire battery supply chain.”

This has been adapted for the web from a story originally published in the February 2023 issue of HELLO! India. Get our copy of the latest issue right here!