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5 Details You May Have Missed In The ‘Adipurush’ Trailer

Prabhas’ highly-anticipated historical epic, Adipurush, has set the stage ablaze with the release of its captivating trailer. Directed by the visionary filmmaker Om Raut, this grand-scale cinematic masterpiece is all set to enthral audiences worldwide on June 16.

Bringing to life the revered tale of the Ramayana, the film casts Prabhas in the role of Raghav, a character inspired by the noble Lord Ram. Joining him is the talented Kriti Sanon, who portrays Janaki, the embodiment of Sita. Saif Ali Khan takes on the formidable role of Lankesh, the ten-headed demon king Ravana, while Sunny Singh graces the screen as Lakshmana.

However, the journey of Adipurush has not been without its fair share of controversies. Following the release of the teaser, the film faced severe criticism, particularly for its visual effects, which were deemed lacking. In response, calls for a boycott emerged, citing religious sentiments hurt by the portrayal. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra went as far as issuing a warning, threatening legal action if scenes depicting Hindu religious figures in an unfavourable light were not removed. The Vishva Hindu Parishad also raised objections, claiming that the teaser “ridiculed Hindu society” and warned against the film’s theatrical screenings.

Consequently, the film’s original release date of January 12 was pushed back to June 16, as director Om Raut emphasised the need for additional time to deliver a visually spectacular experience to viewers.

Notably, it was recently announced that Adipurush will make its world premiere at the prestigious 2023 Tribeca Festival in New York on June 13, three days ahead of its release in India.

Produced by the esteemed T Series and Retrophiles, the magnum opus will grace screens in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada. Elevating the viewing experience to new heights, the film will be presented in immersive 3D and IMAX formats, promising an epic adventure like never before.

Despite facing various controversies, the project continues to hold its position as one of the most highly anticipated Indian movies of the year. Even the teaser, which received widespread criticism, managed to amass an astounding 100 million views on YouTube alone, while the trailer garnered over 50 million views within a mere 24 hours.

The trailer of Adipurush sets the stage with a captivating scene depicting Ram’s exile from his homeland, accompanied by his loyal wife Sita (Kriti Sanon) and his devoted brother Lakshmana (Sunny Singh). However, their peaceful journey is disrupted when Sita is forcefully abducted by the nefarious demon king of Lanka, Ravana (Saif Ali Khan). This tragic event sets Ram on an epic quest to rescue his beloved wife from Ravana’s clutches, where he receives invaluable assistance from Hanuman and his mighty army of monkeys.

While many have admired the ambitious visuals and gripping narrative, there are a few remarkable details in the trailer that may have gone unnoticed. Ahead, we explore these hidden gems, shedding light on the narrative structure, weaponry choices, and VFX mastery that add depth and excitement to the upcoming film.

Lord Hanuman’s Narration

As the trailer commences, Lord Hanuman’s resonant voice gracefully sets the stage for Adipurush. The decision to have Lord Hanuman narrate the story of Lord Ram hints at a unique storytelling approach. It suggests that the events we witness may be presented as a mesmerising narrative unfolding before us, reminiscent of ancient legends passed down through generations.

Lord Ram’s Unexpected Weaponry

A fascinating detail that piques curiosity is Lord Ram’s unconventional choice of weaponry. Despite being renowned for his exceptional archery skills with the revered Dhanush Ban, Lord Ram is portrayed wielding a sword tucked by his side. This departure from the expected adds an intriguing twist to the tale, leaving fans eager to discover the reasons behind this unexpected arsenal adjustment.

Sita’s Crossing

During Sita’s iconic moment of crossing the Lakshman Rekha, the trailer showcases a visually stunning representation of this boundary. As she steps forward, an intricately designed wall-like structure materialises, adorned with ancient swastika symbols. The skillful use of visual effects magnifies the impact, emphasising the profound significance of Sita’s actions and adding an ethereal touch to this pivotal scene.

Sita’s Adornments

One detail that has sparked debate among avid followers of the Ramayana (and online trolls) is the presence of gold anklets and a necklace in Kriti Sanon’s portrayal of Sita. Historically, during their exile, Sita, Ram, and Lakshman led a simple and austere life, devoid of grandeur or luxury. The inclusion of these embellishments in the trailer raises questions about their purpose. Could it be a deliberate artistic choice to symbolise Sita’s innate grace and divine nature, or is it a creative licence taken by the filmmakers? As the film unfolds, it will be intriguing to see how these adornments contribute to the character development and overall narrative.

Prabhas as Lord Ram

In a contrasting detail, the trailer once again showcases Prabhas, who plays Lord Ram, donning leather chappals and armors. This choice stands in contrast to the depiction of Sri Ram in various renditions of the Ramayana, where he is traditionally portrayed walking and fighting barefoot in Lanka. The inclusion of leather chappals and armors on Lord Ram in Adipurush suggests a unique interpretation of the character or a stylistic decision to enhance the visual appeal of the film. As audiences eagerly await the release, it remains to be seen how this departure from convention will be justified within the cinematic universe of Adipurush.