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A New Gabriel García Márquez Novel Is Set To Release Next Year

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Fans of the works of late literary icon Gabriel García Márquez are in for a treat because an unpublished novel by the Colombian author is set to release in 2024.

Titled En Agosto Nos Vemos, which roughly translates to See You In August, the book will be published by Penguin Random House and would be a 150-page long.

Ever since the author passed away in 2014, rumours of the unseen and unfinished manuscript had been doing rounds of the literary world but nothing had been confirmed till now.


There were speculations that the author had expanded on a short story he had published back in 1999 in the Colombian magazine Cambio and it was the first chapter of the unpublished manuscript.

Jaime Abello, the director of the Gabo Foundation, told The Guardian that the position of the family till now was to not publish the manuscript. However, after reading the novel, his children changed their minds.

His sons Rodrigo and Gonzalo Garcia Barcha revealed that one of the reasons why they decided on releasing the novel for the world was that it “was the fruit of a final effort to continue creating against all odds.”

They said, “Reading it once again almost 10 years after his death, we discovered that the text had many and very enjoyable merits and nothing to prevent us from enjoying the most outstanding aspects of Gabo’s work: his capacity for invention, the poetry of language, the captivating narrative, his understanding of the human being and his affection for his experiences and misfortunes, especially in love, possibly the main theme of all his work.”

According to the publishers, the 150-pages-long novel will have five sections and would be centred around a character named Ana Magdalena Bach. This is the same character from the 1999 short story.


The author’s contribution to the world of literature has been immense, with titles like One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love In The Time of Cholera considered modern masterpieces. The writer is also responsible for putting Colombian culture and literature on the world map.