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10 Taylor Swift Songs To Help You Get Through A Brutal Breakup

Taylor Swift is no stranger to using her personal life as inspiration for her music, especially when it comes to breakups. The award-winning singer-songwriter, known for pouring her heart and soul into her tracks, has captured the emotions of love, trust, heartbreak, and pain in her iconic breakup songs.

With over 200 tracks to her name, including hits like ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,’ ‘Blank Space,’ and ‘I Knew You Were Trouble,’ Swift has a breakup song for every occasion. From bitter anthems that channel her inner strength to poignant ballads that tug at the heartstrings, her music resonates with fans who have experienced their own romantic separations.

Swift has drawn inspiration from her past relationships, including high-profile romances with Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Lautner. Her lyrics capture the raw emotions of love lost, betrayal, and moving on, making her songs relatable to millions of listeners worldwide.

As fans eagerly await to see what Swift’s next chapter holds, following her recent breakup with longtime partner Joe Alwyn, her music remains a source of comfort, solace, and empowerment for those going through their own heartbreaks.

Whether you’re experiencing the highs or lows of love, Swift’s extensive repertoire of breakup songs offers something for everyone, showcasing her prowess as a singer-songwriter who knows how to captivate with her heartfelt lyrics and emotional performances.

‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

Penned in 2012, this powerful breakup anthem was rumoured to be inspired by Taylor Swift’s rollercoaster relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal. The heartfelt lyrics express Swift’s exasperation at repeatedly giving second chances and her unwavering resolve to move on, once and for all.

‘All Too Well’

Originally released as part of Taylor’s album Red in 2012, All Too Well’s 10-minute rerecording a decade later was accompanied by a short film that won an MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year and a Grammy Award for Best Music Video. The song’s persona recalls a toxic relationship where they ignored their significant other’s red flags, tolerating their problematic (if not abusive) behaviour for the sake of preserving their deteriorating connection.

‘Forever and Always’

Talk about a brutal split! Swift’s hit song ‘Forever and Always’ was inspired by her breakup with Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, which reportedly happened over a phone call. With Swift’s signature vocals and heartfelt lyrics, it’s a relatable breakup anthem that reminds us all of the pain of unexpected endings in relationships.

‘Dear John’

If you’ve ever experienced a heartbreak, Swift’s ‘Dear John’ will hit you right in the feels. Reportedly written about her brief relationship with John Mayer, the song is like a carefully crafted love letter to someone who broke her heart. With lyrics that express her expectations, disappointments, and hurt, Swift’s emotional ballad resonates with anyone who has gone through the pain of a failed romance.

‘Back to December’

If you’ve ever wished for a do-over after ending a relationship, Swift’s ‘Back to December’ is the jam for you. With its soulful melody and relatable lyrics, this song is like a love letter to a past flame or ‘the one that got away.’ Rumoured to be about her breakup with Taylor Lautner, the star’s vocals capture the bittersweet emotions of remorse and longing. It’s a tune that’s sure to tug at your heartstrings while you reminisce about lost love and wonder what could have been.


As the name suggests, this heartbreak number is reportedly inspired by Swift’s feelings for Harry Styles of One Direction and his lack thereof.

‘Wildest Dreams’

Have you ever experienced a love that felt too good to be true, but ultimately wasn’t meant to last? Swift’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ captures that bittersweet feeling with its dreamy, melodic tones. Reported to be about her relationship with Tom Hiddleston, this song is a heartfelt ode to fleeting love that once burned bright but couldn’t withstand the test of time.


Ready for some closure after a breakup? Look no further than Swift’s ‘Clean’ from the album 1989. This soulful track, rumoured to be about her split with Calvin Harris, captures the journey of moving on and finding a sense of clarity.


Swift said in her Apple Music Awards 2020 interview that closure is one of the overarching themes in Evermore, which “deals a lot in endings of all sorts, shapes, and sizes, all the kinds of ways we can end a relationship, a friendship, something toxic, and the pain that goes along with that.” In this case, ‘Closure’ is the straightforward acceptance that not all our relationships are meant to have an amicable ending.

‘Cornelia Street’

“Cornelia Street represents the place we associate with breakups, some of which leave us so broken that we are unwilling to visit the same location ever again out of reviving unsolicited memories. “It’s about the things that took place and the memories that took place on that street…all the nostalgia... Sometimes we bond our memories to the places where they happen. I wrote it alone and it ended up being one of my favourite songs,” Swift said about this song from her 2019 album Lover.