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Study Warns About 3 Behaviours That Can Ruin Any Relationship

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

There are some things in the world that you just can’t predict, like how many times you’d hit snooze on your alarm in the morning until you’re officially late, or whether the celebrity couple you’re rooting for will make it and not end up making you feel as if love is not real and nothing truly matters.

If a recent study is to be believed, the latter can be predicted to a fairly accurate degree.

A study published in the Evolutionary Psychology journal claims that there are six major behavioural patterns that negatively impact one’s willingness to stay in a relationship.

Out of the six, three stood out to be constant across demographics. These three behaviours were: Being uncaring, trying to control the other, and mistreating children.

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For the study, researchers assembled a varied and diverse group of subjects, including people who were in a relationship and those who were single. All of them were asked to answer questions related to the behavioural patterns that would make them end a relationship sooner. The deal breakers that were found most common included the aforementioned three, along with infidelity, abusive behaviour, and socially undesirable traits like laziness, lack of ambition, and emotional immaturity.

The researchers claimed that a deeper study into these behaviours and their impact on long-term relationships needs to be conducted and this is still a work in progress.