108-year-old Mary Ann Clifton© BBC

108-Year-Old’s Secret To Long Life Is This Lunchtime Treat

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

You’d think that the secret to a long and healthy life would be regular exercise and clean eating, right? Well, not according to this 108-year-old British woman.

Centenarian Mary Ann Clifton, who recently celebrated her 108th birthday in South East London, revealed the secret behind her health and longevity and you better be sitting down before we share what she had to say because it will surprise you!

According to Clifton, or Rosina as she’s affectionately known, she’s managed to live all these years because of her habit of drinking at lunch. “A little tipple (liquor) at lunchtime has never done me any harm,” she said, adding, “Work hard but party harder.”

Clifton, born on March 16, 1915, worked as a clothing cutter before joining her daughter’s printing business. She met her husband Ernie when they were both 12 and had two children, four grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great-grandchildren together.

The 108-year-old was surprised with a birthday tea party by UK’s Foxbridge House’s care team which was attended by the Mayor of Bromley too. As is the tradition for any centenarian in Britain, Clifton also received a special telegram from King Charles.

What do you think of Clifton’s unusual life advice?!