Interior Architect Anjaleka Kripalani interview© HelloIndia

Anjaleka Kripalani On The Interiors Landscape In India

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Jeena J Billimoria

HELLO! talks to interior architect and home décor genius, Anjaleka Kripalani, about her style of work, the trends ruling the market and what to expect in India’s evolving design space.

HELLO!: Tell us about your journey in the world of interiors.

Anjaleka Kripalani: “I studied interior architecture in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology and have done most homes and offices in the fusion and classic styles, where my work has been appreciated and recognised. I feel warm interiors with rich texture are elegant and define luxury when put together. I have no specific ‘style’ and don’t like to stick to one that’s monotonous. One of my strengths is to play with materials and textures and mix them up to create masterpieces. I listen to the client’s brief and deliver a picture-perfect space for them.”

Anjaleka Kripalani interview©HelloIndia

H!: What’s more important in a space—aestheticism or functionality? 

AK: “Both are equally important. The first most important step is effective space planning. We also have to see the structural details of a space to ensure it can take on the aesthetics we have in mind. For instance, in a hotel, functionality is vital, so we have to consider partitions, sound insulation, automation, load-bearing walls and effective use of lighting. Even for a home or an office, it’s crucial to maximise effective utilisation of a space and pay attention to detail. The colour palette, materials, wood, the finishing, and the way we merge the textures and materials of the walls, false ceilings, lighting, and accessories has to be seamless.”

H!: The latest trends in interiors right now:

AK: “The fusion look is in right now, with rich textures of wood with a PU and polyester finish. Then we have metal furniture, and light and cherry veneer making a comeback. Cane backs are very trendy in furniture, too. And for wall finishes, the use of metal partitions and other metal pieces of furniture is in vogue.”

Anjaleka Kripalani interview©HelloIndia

H!: How often do these market trends change? Is it better to follow trends, or stick to one’s own aesthetic in the long run?

AK: “Trends usually change every year or two, but the big, more significant ones switch after five years from modern to classic, or classic to fusion. I believe that style and elegance are more important and for keeps. Whether it’s fusion or classic, the space should be warm and inviting at all times, not just bound by trends.”

Anjaleka Kripalani interview©HelloIndia

H!: What colour palettes are people veering more towards for their work and personal spaces today?

AK: “These days, people prefer monochrome. Those who like bright, contrasting colours prefer wine, navy blue, or black and white. Pinks, mauves and shades of green and yellow are also in. Nobody really wants heavy-duty carvings and textures anymore. They also like to keep it simple with rich fabrics.”

Anjaleka Kripalani interview©HelloIndia

H!: How does the interiors landscape in India look at present?

AK: “The current and future scene of home décor is very bright! Now, post Covid, a lot more people are planning to buy homes. And whether it’s luxurious furniture or a more budgeted home, the need to create beautiful spaces will not cease. Interior décor has evolved in the past couple of years in terms of functionality, feasibility and budget. Our company, Angie Homes, today caters not only to a super luxurious segment, but also to budgeted luxury segments for dream homes.”

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s February 2023 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!