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This Is Your Luckiest Colour, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Chharu Dhingra

We are all set to welcome Spring with the vibrant festival of colours—Holi! As we get ready to be smeared in bright pinks, sunny yellows and stubborn greens welcoming the season of new beginnings, let’s discover how colours can have a significant impact on each of the 12 sun signs.

Every colour holds a unique frequency of light, the energy of which can influence our mood, our behaviour and even our luck in different ways ! Knowing your ‘spirit colour’ and adding it to your lifestyle in the right ways can have a positive impact on your growth and well-being, opening new horizons even in difficult situations.

Ahead, we talk about the power palette of lucky colours for your sun sign and how you can use them to paint your world in shades of positivity and prosperity this Holi season…


Most Suited Colour For Aries: Red is the ideal colour for feisty fire sign Aries.

Ruled by planet Mars, which is red too, Aries are very energetic and therefore gravitate towards red, the colour of fire with the longest wavelength. They are always burning bright with passion and ambition. The colour red also supports the drive to smash their goals and become the very best in their field of work.

Lifestyle Tip: Wear red clothes for meetings or important events. You can even put a red tikka (vermilion), a bindi or any ornamental spot on your forehead to activate the third eye chakra, enhance focus, and attract good luck.


Most Suited Colour For Taurus: Green is the spirit colour for Taureans, the natural nurturers.

Taureans are the most warm, dependable and patient individuals. The colour green supports their nurturing and calm personalities by grounding them. They also put material gains, wealth and luxury on high priority, which is why green (the colour of money) is a hue they naturally gravitate towards.

Lifestyle Tip: Add greenery and plants in your workspace to instil a sense of calm and productivity. Staying close to nature will ground you and help you become more positive, creative and in alignment with your inner self.


Most Suited Colour For Gemini: Yellow is the spirit colour for the social butterflies of the zodiac—Geminis.

What better colour can be suited for Geminis than the colour of sunshine and daisies? Think Gemini, think all things bright and happy. The energy of the colour yellow is transformative, it brightens up our mood, and Geminis with their wit and charm reflect that strongly the moment they enter a room. The colour yellow makes Geminis glow! It strengthens their communications skills, helping them make new connections, stay upbeat, and get more opportunities.

Lifestyle Tip: Distribute yellow khichadi and lentils on Wednesdays; you can feed the same to monkeys or parrots, to bring new connections, networking opportunities and abundance.


Most Suited Colour For Cancer: White and silver, the colours of peace and divinity, are most suited for Cancerians.

Cancerians are very pure souls and are said to be ruled by the moon. That’s why white and silver are their spirit colours. Cancerians are very emotional and sensitive, and they carry a lot of attachments with them, which is why these colours, which are known to have healing energies, are good for them. These colours help them rejuvenate, disconnect and protect their aura.

Lifestyle Tip: Adorn your house with white curtains, furniture and artwork. You can even distribute white rice/milk kheer (porridge) on full moon nights and drink lots of coconut water, this will help you maintain an emotional balance.


Most Suited Colour For Leo: Gold and orange, the shades of the sun, are the spirit colours for Leos.

Represented by the symbol of a lion, Leos are the kings of all sun signs! The colour gold represents wealth and majesty, something that Leos inherently attract. The fire sign exudes power and are born leaders, the shades of the sun bolsters that energy and helps them channel their inner goddess in the most magnificent way, making head turns as they shine on!

Lifestyle Tip: Get a lot of sunshine, do suryanamaskars (Yoga pose), offer water to the sun in the mornings, use saffron in your food, soak walnuts at night and eat them everyday to strengthen your aura and make you more powerful and prosperous.


Most Suited Colour For Virgo: Brown is the most favourable colour for the down to earth Virgos.

Virgos are very self-aware and practical and you can always be sure they’ve got your back. Brown the colour of earthiness and stability - the colour of soil aligns with the energy of this Earth sign effortlessly. Virgos are critical of others but more than that they are extremely self critical, constantly on a journey of self improvement and actualisation, the colour brown with its grounding energy amplifies these traits.

Lifestyle Tip: Distribute tea on Wednesdays and add wooden pieces of furniture in your home to keep you stable, affirmative, and prevent you from getting swept by the small turbulences or distractions.


Most Suited Colour For Libra: Coffee is the perfect colour for the ever so loveable Librans.

The colour signifies warmth and comfort for many, instantly bringing people together. This energy is easily seen in Librans who thrive in social settings, and love to be loved by all. They are constantly striving to strike a balance between what makes them happy and what pleases others.

Lifestyle Tip: Soak your feet in coffee salt with warm water to remove negative energies and imbalances in your chakras. Colouring your hair in a coffee colour or with coffee can make you mentally stronger and enable focused decision-making.


Most Suited Colour For Scorpio: Violet is the spirit colour for the mystical beings of the zodiac—Scorpio.

Scorpions are very sensuous and intuitive in nature, often gifted with supernatural powers and a heightened sixth sense. Violet, the colour of spirituality and sensual pleasures, speaks to the inner depths of a Scorpion personality. It also heals their aura, balances their mood and ego, and clears the negativity. The hue also stops them from overthinking and makes them more enigmatic.

Lifestyle Tip: Grow Tulips or Brinjals at home, or decorate your house with Tulips, distribute raw Brinjals or Brinjal-based dishes to the needy to bring good luck. Keep a violet pot in your living room to absorb negative energies and place a violet clock at home to bring domestic bliss.


Most Suited Colour For Sagittarius: The perky shade of pink is best for free-spirited Sagittarians.

Sagittarians are the eternal optimists. They have a happy-go-lucky and liberated outlook towards life and the jovial shades of pink support that energy. The colour encourages them to let their hair down and be the life of a party. A flamboyant and pretty colour, pink is also an instant mood lifter, which helps Sagittarians stay driven towards their goals and dreams.

Lifestyle Tip: Adding pink Carnations, Lilies and Roses to your surroundings will keep your environment peppy and cheerful. Those of you in romantic relationships should keep a pink quartz near you, as crystals or bracelets, to strengthen your relationship.


Most Suited Colour For Capricorn: Black and dark blue are the best suited colours for ambitious Capricorns.

As organised and cautious as they are, Capricorns are very authoritative in nature and it’s usually their way or the highway! Capricorns often find it difficult to focus on a single task, when their mind is running in multiple directions. Dark blue and black increases their focus, propels their ambitions into the right direction, and lends gravity and depth to their thinking, which is something the sun sign is always seeking.

Lifestyle Tip: Add a blue bulb in the west direction and use ink pens for professional work to enhance focus, productivity and efficiency. Eating blue and black berries is beneficial for you and will prevent you from being too stubborn and keep you in high spirits.


Most Suited Colour For Aquarius: Sky blue and electric blue are the best hues for the water sign, Aquarius.

Aquarians are all about putting in the effort into leaving the world a better place, which is at the core of their being, yet are often unable to find the right means to reach their goals. The electric yet calming energy of blues can help them find the right balance between their eccentricities and social acceptability, which is something they crave.

Lifestyle Tip: Add blue curtains at home and expose yourself to the open sky to efficiently channelise your creative energies for growth. Taking a short trip to the beach may just be the break you need.


Most Suited Colour For Pisces: All the colours of water—sea blues and greens—are the spirit colours of the water sign, Pisces.

Free flowing and emotional, Pisceans are heavily influenced by the nature of water. It’s no wonder then that the colours of the ocean are what they are drawn towards. The calming yet infinite energy of oceanic colours support the visionary mindset of Pisceans. These colours give them a canvas to paint their dreams on with no limits, no barriers. The energy of water colours also heals them and calms their turbulent mind.

Lifestyle Tip: Adding water-related treatments will always bring beneficial health and lifestyle improvements for you. Plant Water Lilies or Poppy plants in your home to connect with nature. You can also soak your feet in water to destress or take a bubble bath to wash your stresses away.