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7 Fitness Lessons To Learn From Hardik Pandya’s Instagram

Stepping onto the cricket field with grace and power, Hardik Pandya has taken the sports world by storm. But behind his impressive athletic skills lies a stringent fitness regimen that has moulded him into the powerhouse he is today. From gruelling weightlifting sessions to high-intensity interval training, the Indian all-rounder puts in tireless effort to maintain his physique and performance. Ahead, we delve into the ins and outs of Pandya’s fitness routine and discover the secrets to achieving his toned bod.

Never skip warm ups and stretches

Preparing your body for an intensive workout is just as crucial as the workout itself, and Pandya knows this all too well. A proper warm-up is essential in gradually elevating your heart rate, making it ready for the main session. Start with light, relaxed movements and slowly increase the pace with exercises like jumping jacks, high knee jumps, lunges, squats, and other cardiovascular warm-up exercises. And to ensure optimal recovery, don’t forget to stretch post-workout. It helps alleviate the stress and strain on your muscles, bringing them back to their pre-workout state.

Lift some heavy weights

Weightlifting is a powerful tool in building a strong, athletic physique. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your strength training to the next level, there are plenty of dumbbell exercises to help you build muscle and achieve a lean body. From the classic lateral raise to the intense dumbbell bench press and shoulder press, and the dynamic alternated biceps curl, incorporating these exercises into your workout routine is sure to help you reach your fitness goals. With its numerous benefits, weightlifting is the key to unlocking a stronger, more sculpted physique.

Give the muscle snatch workout a try

Lifting weights offers many benefits for building strength and achieving a fit physique. One such exercise that is well-regarded in the world of Olympic weightlifting and functional fitness is the ‘Muscle Snatch’ workout. With its emphasis on upper body involvement, barbell balance, and improved pulling stretch, this versatile exercise can help you boost your performance and refine your technical snatch skills. As with any weightlifting exercise, it’s important to seek the guidance of a personal trainer before attempting the ‘Muscle Snatch’ workout.

Start going for intense runs in the morning

Levelling up your running game requires a little bit of creativity and determination. If you’re ready to push yourself further, it’s time to say goodbye to your standard 20-minute treadmill sprints. To build endurance and boost stamina, try gradually increasing your mileage by 10% each week or switch things up by running for longer periods at a slower pace. And, for an added sweat session, switch up your terrain and run on hills, dirt paths, and varied surfaces.

Perform plank variations

Planking is a proven method for achieving definition to your abdomen area and strengthening your core, but it’s time to take your workout to the next level. By incorporating various plank variations, such as the side plank, reverse plank, low side plank crunch, and extended plank, into your routine, you can target your abs from all angles for a comprehensive workout experience.

Leave no equipment behind

Are you a cardio floor devotee at the gym, but miss out on utilising the full range of equipment at your disposal? Time to step up your game! Incorporate a weekly mix of gym equipment into your routine to add variety and see more targeted results. Get creative with your workouts - incorporate the rope for increased flexibility, or try T-bar lunges for a new spin on your leg day. Make sure to ask your trainer for a rundown of each machine and its proper use before diving into uncharted territory.

Keep it productive and fun in the gym

Maximising your gym time means bringing your A-game to every exercise you undertake, be it weightlifting, pull-ups, leg raises, cardio, or dumbbell variations. Sticking to a consistent routine is important, but it’s also essential to switch things up when you reach a plateau to keep your workout exciting and effective. Experiment with different regimes to find what works best for you.