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Altus Luxury Living Is Celebrating Maximalism Through Design

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One of the first things that strike you about Altus Luxury Living is that it swears by its founder’s motto of living artfully. This is immediately evident as you step into the brand’s newly opened flagship store at MG Road in Delhi.

Altus Luxury Living beautifully reimagines traditional Indian sensibilities through a contemporary lens, yet retains the inherent value of craftsmanship and artistry through its designs.

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The newly opened store is designed to be an immersive experience that allows you to enter the bold and beautiful world of Altus Luxury Living. Spread across 7,000 square feet, the space welcomes you with the sight of an intricately sculpted elephant flanked by the background of a jaali framing traditional kathakali masks. As you make your way through the store, you start experiencing the world of maximalism promised by the brand through theatrical decor and beautifully designed pieces. The eclectic design ties together as, at its core, it’s all about creativity and passion. The precise design and artistry serve to enhance the utter joy of creation that’s present through the space.

Founder and Creative Director Adetee Sawhaney indulges in unapologetic maximalism through the new store. “With this launch, we are furthering our vision of creating interiors engraved with authenticity, luxury, uniqueness and undisputed quality. Staying true to our core philosophy of ‘Live Artfully’, our vision is to provide bespoke aesthetics in interiors that rethink luxury through design.”

Altus Luxury Living©Altus Luxury Living

The award-winning designer envisions this space to be an escape to a world of elegant abundance which will let you rethink luxury through design. For instance, the ‘Contemporary Collection’ presents a vision of minimalism through exotic veneers and stones, and high gloss finishes. The ‘Palatial Collection’, on the other hand, explores maximalism through glass surfaces, intricate carvings, stately mirrors, and embellishments of semi-precious stones and hand-cut crystals.

So if you find yourself looking for inspiration to introduce life to your space, then you know where to go now!