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8 Fun Ways To Celebrate Galentine’s Day With Your Gang

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and romance, but let’s not forget the powerful bond of female friendship. That’s why, on February 13th, we celebrate Galentine’s Day - a day to honour our girl friends and the special role they play in our lives. While you certainly can and should show love to your besties all year round, there’s also a semi-official day to celebrate your best friends—all thanks to one of our favourite TV characters, Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation.

As Leslie (iconically portrayed by Amy Poehler) explained on Parks and Rec back in 2010, February 13 is for the girls. Yup, Galentine’s Day is a full 24 hours dedicated to celebrating the female friendships in your life.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with spending February 14th with your partner or going on the Valentine’s Day date of your dreams, but there’s something special about celebrating the forever love that comes with female friendships, no matter how you feel about V-Day itself. Whether you’re single or taken, this is a day to show your BFFs how much you appreciate them.

Here are some fun and festive ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girl gang.

Have a gourmet night in

Cook up a storm with your friends and indulge in a gourmet feast. You can either opt for a fancy multi-course dinner or keep it casual with pizza, wine, and good conversation. Make it extra special by setting the table with candles, flowers, and a homemade menu.

Pamper yourself with a spa day

Treat yourselves to a day of pampering and relaxation. Book appointments for massages, facials, mani-pedis, and any other beauty treatments you and your friends enjoy. You can even set up a DIY spa day at home with face masks, foot soaks, and cucumber slices for the eyes.

Have a girls’ night out

Get dressed up and hit the town with your friends. Choose your favourite bar, club, or restaurant and dance the night away. You can also plan a night of adventure, such as taking a cooking class, trying out a new escape room, or attending a concert.

Have a game night

Gather your friends for a fun-filled night of games, laughter, and friendly competition. Break out the board games, card games, or even video games and get ready to battle it out.

Have a DIY craft night

Get creative with your friends by having a DIY craft night. Whether it’s painting, scrapbooking, or jewellery making, there’s no shortage of fun and crafty activities to choose from. You can even learn a new skill or technique together.

Take a dance class

There’s nothing like a night with your girls to make you feel empowered and hot as hell—which you always are, but it’s nice to have the reminder. If you’re looking to tap into your sexy side this G-Day, set up a dance class for the girls. You can go to a heels or pole dancing studio, or just find a tutorial online. Giggles and gorgeous Instagram content are guaranteed.

Have a movie marathon

Snuggle up with your friends and have a movie marathon. Choose your favourite films or binge-watch a new series. Add some extra fun by having a themed night, such as a ‘chick flick’ or ‘horror movie’ night.

Go the classic route

If you’re a Galentine’s Day traditionalist, you can totally celebrate by “kicking it breakfast-style” just like Leslie and the gang did on Parks and Rec. While you may not be able to hit up the JJ’s Diner, you can definitely find a local equivalent. (Just make sure they have amazing waffles, as Leslie would.) If you’re feeling extra adventurous, replicate the gifts Leslie gave her friends: hand-crocheted flower pens, a mosaic portrait made out of the crushed bottles of each person’s favourite diet soda, and a 5,000-word essay about why each lady is so awesome. Easy enough, right?