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5 TV Shows Starring Lee Seung-gi That Are A Must-Watch

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Lee Seung-gi is one of the most acclaimed actors in Korea and has proven his mettle with a diverse range of roles, from romantic leads to action heroes. The actor has been in the news recently as he just announced that he is getting married to his girlfriend, fellow K-drama star Lee Da-in. The actor took to Instagram to share a handwritten note where he shared that he had proposed to the actress and they would be getting married in April.

The actor has a massive fan following in the country because of his versatility. He started off as a singer and then went on to star in a number of variety shows before making a name for himself as a K-drama lead.

Here are five of his best dramas that you should watch right now…


The show follows a man’s quest to uncover the sinister truth behind a tragic plane crash that took his nephew’s life, along with hundreds of other innocent people. The action thriller saw Lee Seung-gi star opposite one of our favourite idol-turned-actress Bae Suzy.

A Korean Odyssey

If you’re a fan of the mythology and fantasy genre, then you shouldn’t miss this one. In A Korean Odyssey, the actor stars as the immortal Monkey God who has been exiled from heaven because of his pride and mischievous tendencies. Now he must roam the world and collect as many brownie points as he can for good deeds so that he can get reinstated in heaven. The show is a modern spin-off of the classic 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West.

The Law Cafe

Lee Seung-gi reunites with his A Korean Odyssey co-star Lee Se-young in this romantic drama. The show follows the friends-to-lovers story of a former lawyer who decides to open a cafe in a building that’s owned by her old college friend.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

People who have been avid K-drama watchers know how well Korean mythology and folk tales mix with modern-day stories. Like Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, this one is also a modern fantasy genre steeped in mythology. In the show, a gumiho, or a legendary nine-tailed fox, teams up with a wannabe action hero in her quest to become human.


Easily one of the best suspense dramas of 2021, Mouse packs a tonne of unexpected twists and turns that will keep you at the edge of your seats. The show follows a rookie cop who teams up with a detective to catch a psychopathic serial killer.