Miley Cyrus 'Flowers'© Miley Cyrus

Is Miley Cyrus’ New Single ‘Flowers’ About Liam Hemsworth?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Miley Cyrus is living her best life at the moment and we’re totally here for it. The ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer is at the cusp of releasing her much-anticipated studio album Endless Summer Vacation and has given fans a glimpse of what they can expect with a single from the 13-track album.

The recently released track ‘Flowers’ is already climbing charts rapidly and seems to represent Cyrus’ journey towards healing and self-love.

Ever since the song’s release, fans have speculated that the song might be about Cyrus’ feelings towards her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. The two ended their decade-long relationship when they got divorced in 2020.

TBF, it’s not much of a reach, considering all the Easter Eggs that the artist seems to have hidden in the song and its music video.

The biggest one is that Cyrus chose to release the song on Hemsworth’s birthday, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by her fans across the world.

Much before the song’s release, it was speculated that Cyrus would be hitting back at Hemsworth for not treating her the way she deserved when they were together. Fans brought up the hard-to-watch clip from Avengers: Endgame premie in 2019, where Cyrus had pretended to lick Hemsworth in front of the paparazzi only for him to snap at her and tell her to behave.

The lyrics of the song prove that Cyrus has healed, or at least is on the path towards being healed, from the relationship as she talks about being enough for herself. She samples Bruno Mars’ 2012 hit ‘When I was Your Man’ by dedicating part of the lyrics as a response to his words in the song. While it is not confirmed, fans believe that Hemsworth once publicly dedicated Mars’ song to Cyrus, making this another big clue that points towards ‘Flowers’ being about their relationship.

Other lyrics, like “We were right ‘til we weren’t/Built a home and watched it burn” (their Malibu house burned down in the 2018 Woolsey fires) and “I didn’t wanna leave you baby/ I don’t wanna fight” (it was reported that Cyrus was not in favour of filing for divorce and wanted to work on the relationship), cement the fact that Cyrus is talking about Hemsworth in the song. Some fans also pointed out that, in the music video, the singer can be seesaw earring Hemsworth’s black two-piece suit from their wedding.

What do you think of the song’s true meaning?