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6 Fitness Rules Chiranjeevi Swears By To Remain Fit & Young

The age-defying megastar Chiranjeevi returned to the big screen in 2017 after a 10-year sabbatical and the response to his comeback proved that he still rules millions of hearts after 40 years in the film industry. Not many know he is one of the most disciplined actors when it comes to following a strict diet and fitness routine. The Telugu star can give a 20-year-old a run for his money at 67 when it comes to stamina.

Chiranjeevi, who was seen jumping off horses, performing action sequences and sword fighting in his 2019 film Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy, proves that age is just a number.

He’s healthy, agile and can still perform stunts like when he was a young man. A wholesome vegetarian diet, unwavering self-confidence and regular workouts is what keeps him in shape. Let’s take a look at the fitness rules the superstar follows to stay young.

He does not ignore mental health

Chiranjeevi believes fitness does not only mean to be physically fit. Mental fitness, he says, is something that motivates him to keep going and keeps him young and agile.

He remains stress-free

It’s no secret that people exposed to chronic stress can age rapidly. This can manifest in the form of wrinkles, frown lines and loss of elasticity in the skin and also a dip in mental health. The Khaidi No. 150 actor always keeps his cool which in turn boosts his inner peace and also influences his physical appearance to a great extent.

“I don’t become tense, I try to keep my mind as tranquil as possible. So my inner peace is my strength and at the same time, it also keeps my physical appearance cool. I don’t take stress, I do my job and whatever results are not in my hands,” he shared.

He never lets his self-confidence dip

While revealing the secret behind his unwavering confidence, Chiranjeevi shared, “At the time of doing action sequences, I don’t think of my age or if I can do it. I don’t have any such doubts. I’m confident about what I do. Everything in Sye Raa has been done by me.”

He follows a well-balanced vegetarian diet

It is known that following a vegetarian diet is healthier as it is typically higher in fibre and lower in cholesterol than an omnivorous diet. As a result, some studies find that a vegetarian or plant-based diet lowers the risk of heart disease and premature ageing, helps manage Type 2 Diabetes and also reduces the risk of lifestyle-related diseases. Chiranjeevi’s diet consists of predominantly vegetarian and homemade food, with a lot of protein, salads and soups.

He works out regularly

Chiranjeevi revealed that apart from following a balanced diet, he also focuses on regular workouts. Such is his dedication that if his shooting begins at 7 am, he wakes up at 4 am, does his workouts till 6 am and then leaves for the sets. Every time he takes up a new role, he makes sure to hit the gym to build up his strength and get into the skin of the character.

He always takes inputs from health and fitness experts

The megastar has always talked about how taking timely advice and suggestions from experts is necessary when it comes to diet and health. This explains how he has remained fit and fabulous all year round for decades.