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This AI Service Lets You Speak To Your Deceased Loved Ones

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

In another instance of reality mirroring an episode of Black Mirror, an AI-powered service allows you to communicate with people who have passed away.

South Korean technology company Deep Brain AI has created a service called Re; Memory that lets you have a one-way conversation with loved ones who are no more.

The service works by creating an AI version of the deceased that mimics their voice and facial expressions and lets you talk to them as if they were on a video call with you.

This is not the first time someone has attempted to bring back the dead through AI. Some have created non-verbal clips where the dead person’s facial expressions are mimicked or some that tried to mimic their voice using old clips.

Deep Brain AI’s program brings all these features together on a single platform that uses your deceased loved ones’ digital memories like pictures and videos to create an experience that could let you talk to the ones who are long gone or receive a special video message from them.

The company’s image synthesis technology can realise an AI human that is equipped to recreate the lip-synching movements and expressions of the people you might have lost. This AI also uses natural language processing and speech recognition technology to make real-time conversations possible. According to the company, people who take up the service would be allowed to reunite with their lost ones for a 30-minute conversation in a private room in their studio. This can include something you want to listen to directly from them or a video message for special occasions.

This is not the first time Deep Brain AI has created realistic AI humans. Before this, they had created an AI version of a news presenter and a version of the current president of South Korea, Yoon Seok-yeoul.

Do you think this technology is good for the society or are we heading towards the dystopia that Black Mirror predicted?