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#HELLOHighLife: Ritika Jolly’s Perfect Holiday Is Enviable

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‘Luxury’ is for the discerning. It’s defined not just by a price tag but more so by exquisite taste and an eye for experiences that stand out. Nine fashion-forward, glamorous ladies share their most luxurious escapades and choices of the year with HELLO!

We got together with Stylist and Artist Ritika Jolly to find out what luxury experiences are on her bucket list and more.

Luxury to me: “Bags, shoes and vacations aside, true luxury to me is real happiness, especially in this post-Covid world where mental health is of utmost priority.”

Most lavish holiday this year: “My husband and I managed to travel across Puglia, and it turned out to be a gem of a destination. The food and the beaches there were both fantastic. That encapsulates a perfect holiday for me.”

Most luxurious fashion purchase: “While there were plenty, the one I truly value is the beautiful gold Rolex that Sammir gifted me to mark our 10th anniversary.”

Splendid culinary experiences: “I’ve eaten some great food this year. I managed to try four Michelin-starred restaurants in Italy. Il Palagio at the Four Seasons in Florence was lovely, but there was nothing like the seafood I devoured in some of the family-owned and family-run restaurants during our trip to Puglia.”

Most luxurious bucket list addition: “I’m an avid equestrian and realised that the only additions in my bucket list are equine adventures—whether it’s a week spent riding and swimming in the ocean with horses in Camargue, or a wildlife safari on horseback at Jehan Numa in India. I don’t know why I want to be on horseback when I encounter a leopard, but I guess that’s why it’s called a bucket list!”

My favourite high-end labels:Anamika Khanna, 431-88 by Shweta Kapur, Ritika Mirchandani, Misho, Jacquemus, Tom Ford, Loewe, Prada, Isabel Marant, Elisabetta Franchi and Maje.”

My favourite luxuristas: “I have always loved Olivia Palermo and Sarah Jessica Parker’s style.”