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Add Tamannaah’s Fitness Tips To Your New Year’s Resolutions

When Tamannaah Bhatia isn’t rocking the red carpets or acting, the off-duty version of her loves being a total gym rat. The star’s workout routine is rooted in both consistency and mindfulness. “You need to always find time to do what makes you happy. Fitness is one of those things. It creates a feel-good aura around you,” she says.

In her own words Bhatia is an intuitive actor, coffee addict, occasional poet and if her Instagram is anything to go by then also a certified fitness enthusiast. The star does a combination of weight training, group workouts and cardio to stay fit, all while sporting her cool and stylish gym wear in vibrant colours, ‘cause we all know looking your best is key to feeling confident. She also steers away from the hustle culture and glorification of living life on a fast track.

Instead, the Baahubali 2 star motivates her followers to slow down and stop to smell the roses every now and then. The star aims to really connect with her body, mind and soul through slow, purposeful workouts. “If you really want to savour life and its moments, it’s only when you slow down. Even in your workouts, taking a beat will help you feel that burn and get stronger over time,“ she said in a video on her Instagram.

Ahead, we roundup the fitness lessons we learnt from the star.

Weight training

There are so many myths shrouding weight training when it comes to women’s fitness. The primitive notion that lifting weights and building ‘bigger’ muscles is a masculine trait is pretty much out of the window now. In fact, lifting weights can help you improve your muscle strength, heart health, avoid injuries, burn calories, work on your core and also combat certain lifestyle-related diseases. Take cues from Bhatia and add strength training to your workout routine for a fitter and healthier lifestyle.

Working out in groups

“Group sessions feel like a party and it keeps us all motivated,” says Bhatia in her video where she is seen experimenting with different types of exercises in one session. “My fitness regime consists of weights, abs, crunches, cardio, and a series of free hand exercises. I spend at least an hour in the gym, apart from [doing] yoga or swimming in the morning. Sometimes [I also do] Pilates and aerobics,” she says.

From stretching to cardio, strength training and even playing a sport, Bhatia proves that the possibilities of group workouts are endless. Apart from achieving fat-blasting results, working out with your partner, family or friends is a great way to remain accountable when it comes to your fitness. A gym-partner is someone who will come alongside to motivate, encourage, and keep you focused on the fitness goals you want to obtain, even on days when you just don’t want to get out of bed. They can even help you with spotting and learning new skills.

Consistency and discipline is key

“You don’t have to be extreme, just be consistent” is the caption of a weight training video on Bhatia’s Instagram and we couldn’t agree more. While it’s very easy to go overboard with manic workouts and unhealthy crash diets in hopes of getting a hot bod fast, Bhatia repeatedly emphasises on doing the exact opposite. You can be consistent with your daily 30 minute workout and still gain results over time, as opposed to pushing your body towards burnout.

Slowing down

The star repeatedly highlights the importance of slowing down in life and in workouts. She ditches the glorification of speed and wants everyone to embrace the burn they feel upon taking a beat. She also promotes mindful workouts, where your body and mind are connected and focused on one goal while also savouring the moment. “When you slow down in your workouts, you can feel your heart beating faster and the burn through your muscles which reminds you that you can conquer anything that comes after,” she said in a recent video.

Working out in cute ‘fits

Just because you’ll sweat, doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable while doing it. Gym wear and activewear has gained traction over the years thanks to the surge of influencers and celebrities posting workout selfies and paparazzi images spotlighting their enviable outfits.

But we have to admit that a matching activewear set can play a key role in motivating you to show up for yourself at the gym or in the great outdoors. Bhatia is proof that you can look chic even while drowning in armpit sweat, because it’s no longer a choice between one or the other.

Following a balanced diet plan

“I’m a big foodie, everyone at home loves to spoil me silly with quality food. I believe in eating everything in moderation and crash diets are a big no-no. I don’t resist eating, because it’s a natural stimulation. In case I consume extra calories, I work out more rigorously at the gym,” Bhatia shares.

The actress’ usual breakfast consists of a muesli bowl, which has granola, dates, almond milk, nuts, berries and bananas in it. On some days, she eats poached eggs or an omelette loaded with veggies. For lunch, Bhatia opts for a simple meal of daal, brown rice, and vegetables, even while she’s on sets.

“I snack on nuts before my workout, and for dinner it is eggs, idli or dosa. I need to have yoghurt in every meal, as it helps me stay focused during long shoots, especially in summers. I’m also big on being hydrated at all times, so loads of juices, soups and of course, three litres of water,” the diva reveals.

Start your day with an ice bath ‘facial’

Being an actress calls for long, tiring shoots, travelling, and attending endless parties and events, which means not getting enough shut-eye aka your beauty sleep. Bhatia took to Instagram to share a video wherein she revealed what hack she swears by to get rid of her puffiness and tiredness in the mornings. The actress is seen taking a big bowl of chilled water with some ice cubes and dunking her face into it.

“Ice ice baby! Here’s my quick and easy go-to morning ritual for reducing the puffiness. Trust me, it works wonders!” the caption says. The star, who is known for her beautiful alabaster skin, revealed that this little trick helps tighten her pores, boost blood circulation, and also makes her make-up go on smoothly.

Now that we know what fitness and life mantras Tamannaah swears by, we know what we’re adding to our list of New Year’s Resolutions this year, and you should too!