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Jin Isn’t Coming Back Till 2024, So Hear These Songs On Loop

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Today is the day when Jin from BTS begins his 18-month-long mandatory military enlistment. Needless to say, ARMYs all around the globe are dealing with the news in their own way, some with heartwarming and tearful Tweets and stunning fan art, and some with hilarious memes to process it.

Jin had revealed his buzzcut look for the military recently and he took to Weverse this morning to share his final post before leaving for the training centre. In his characteristic manner, the singer quoted a line from a popular video game claiming that he has been saving the quote for his enlistment day.

The singer’s agency had confirmed earlier that Jin would return from the military on June 12, 2024. We decided to round up all of his solo songs to add to our playlists to listen to while we wait for him to return safely. Here are all of our favourite songs by Jin to listen to for maximum comfort and warmth.

‘Awake’ (2016)

This solo song was a part of the group’s 2016 album Wings. The album marked the band’s exploration of darker concepts and was one of the first steps towards superstardom. In the song, Jin sings about being hesitant to dream big because of his fears of failing and falling down.

‘Epiphany’ (2018)

One of his best songs of all time, ‘Epiphany’ was a part of the band’s 2018 album Love Yourself: Answer. With lyrics like “I’m the one I should love in this world” and “not so perfect but so beautiful”, it is inarguably one of the best self-love anthems out there.

‘Tonight’ (2019)

Jin released his first single, outside of a BTS album, on the group’s anniversary in 2019. The song, ‘Tonight’, was released on Soundcloud and surpassed one million streams within the first 30 minutes of its premiere, something which hadn’t happened ever before. According to the singer, the song was dedicated to one of his pets who had passed away.

‘Moon’ (2020)

Jin expressed his love for ARMYs with this song in the album Map Of The Soul: 7. In the upbeat track, he compares himself to the moon and ARMYs to the Earth and says the two work together to constantly keep each other going.

‘Abyss’ (2020)

For his birthday in 2020, Jin surprised fans by releasing ‘Abyss’, a heartfelt song about dealing with mental anguish and burnout. The singer wrote a letter to his fans explaining the meaning behind the song. According to it, the song was meant to describe his feelings of isolation and exhaustion during the pandemic.

‘Yours’ (2021)

The singer’s first-ever solo song for a K-drama’s OST was ‘Yours’. Jin created the song for the 2021 drama Jirisan and, unsurprisingly, the song went on to create and break several records on charts all over the world.

‘Super Tuna’ (2021)

In a complete contrast to his birthday gift to fans from the past year, Jin released the super fun single ‘Super Tuna’ on his birthday in 2021. The intensely catchy tune, and the memorable dance moves, went viral instantly and inspired millions of TikToks and Instagram Reels with fans copying his choreography. According to Jin, the song is an ode to his love for fishing.

‘The Astronaut’ (2022)

Right after the group announced that they would be enlisting for the military, with Jin being the first member to go, the Worldwide Handsome vocalist announced his first single as a solo artist. Jin collaborated with British band Coldplay for the single ‘The Astronaut’, his last love letter to the ARMY before he leaves for his conscription.