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#HELLO’sMostStylish: Annabel’s Is The Poshest UK Nightclub

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Vishwaveer Singh

Annabel’s in London has been crowned as HELLO!’s Most Stylish Nightclub. Started in 1963 by businessman Mark Birley, Annabel’s — named after his wife — became the most exclusive club of its generation in London. Billionaire playboys, Arab Sheikhs, British royalty, rockstars and their followers became the mainstay of the joint for decades. Think Studio 54 — only infinitely posher.

A private member’s-only club, Annabel’s grew to become synonymous with class, glamour and wealth. In 2018, the club moved to a new location, a short distance from its original premises. Now owned by British entrepreneur Richard Carin, who bought all of Birley’s clubs for almost £100 million, the new Annabel’s is just as glamorous — if not more — thanks to a stylish facelift and interiors that spell OTT glamour and arty kitsch.

With a legacy as strong as any other modern-day English institution, Annabel’s is the only nightclub to have ever been visited by the late Queen Elizabeth II. It boasts such stellar artists as Tina Turner, Ray Charles, Ella Fitzgerald and even Lady Gaga having performed there. Models including Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell are perennials at the haunt, along with other PYTs who often grace the pages of society tabloids in the UK.

Memberships are only handed out through the recommendations of current members and start from £4,000 per year. Though most often known for its buzzing nightlife, Annabel’s now remains open through the day, catering to those who lunch and teetotallers who worship elaborate high-tea ceremonies, as well. Having transformed from the poshest basement on the planet to a 26,000-sqft playground for the rich and the famous, Annabel’s and its legacy lives on, indisputably as the ‘Most Stylish Nightclub’ in the world.

This story has been adapted for the website from a story that was originally published in Hello! India’s November 2022 issue. Get your hands on the latest issue right here!