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Get Fit With Joe Jonas’ 30-Minute Morning Workout

Pop star Joe Jonas recently shared his daily 30-minute workout during an episode of FB Messenger’s Moments Between the Moments series, and our muscles are “Burnin‘ Up” just watching him do it. In the show, Jonas shows just how easy it is to replace weights with everyday objects around the house (or wherever you are) and still get that intense workout in for the day.

“I’ve made an effort this year to really work on my mental health and prioritise the umbrella of what that means for me, and it’s also taking care of my body physically,” the singer said in the episode, titled ‘The Off Days’. He has developed a regimen that he could do anywhere, and it’s now a vital part of his morning routine.

Don’t have a kettlebell? Try a designer bag (Jonas is seen holding one for jump squats!). He also makes use of a chair at one point. “That’s part of the fun,” he said. “If I don’t have the gear with me, I just try to use what I have in the room.”

In the clip, Jonas explained how he does an interval-packed session, where he alternates between two minutes of jump rope and a minute of a select strength exercise. It’s a combination of cardio and weight training — and we can’t wait to try it out for ourselves.

Jonas revealed that this no-equipment 30 minute workout is how he stays so lean while on tour. While having access to some equipment is a bonus, he said that it can technically be done anywhere with whatever you have at hand.

The session starts with two minutes of jump rope and one minute of another exercise, performed for a total of 10 rounds. Jonas has shared his love for jump rope workouts before, showing off his “show day workout” (and six-pack) in a shirtless Instagram Reels video. Jumping rope is a great way to burn those stubborn calories and improve cardiovascular health, but it’s also good for boosting upper body strength and toning muscle.

For the first 3 rounds, Jonas does the jump rope followed by one minute of push ups. First he pairs it with regular pushups, then switches to wide grip pushups for round 2, and a close grip variation for round 3.

For rounds 4, 5 and 6, he switches the push ups variations with jump squats. First he follows his jump rope with 20 reps of jump squats with a kettlebell, then finishes off the minute doing a bodyweight version. Don’t have a kettlebell? No problem. “I’ve used my blender, I’ve used a heavy chair,” Jonas says.

Round 7 consists of hammer curls and round 8 is bicep curls, and then for round 9, Jonas does hollow body rocks to torch his abs, and basically work his entire body in just 30 minutes. “They suck,” he says, “but they work.” He concludes the workout with another 2 minutes on the rope, and voilà! At this rate, all we can say is—watch out Chloe Ting, there’s a new exercise guru on his way to dethrone you!

Here’s how you can replicate his workout session.


Choose 10 of the following intervals to do for yourself that consist of two minutes of jump rope followed by one minute of a strength exercise. The idea is to do three rounds total of each exercise (or three variations) of choice. Don’t forget to warm up and cool down.

2 min jump rope — 1 min normal push-up

2 min jump rope — 1 min wide-arm push-up

2 min jump rope — 1 min narrow push-up

2 min jump rope — 1 min jump squat (Use a kettlebell for 20 of them and finish without a weight)

2 min jump rope — 1 min jump squat (repeat the same process as above)

2 min jump rope — 1 min jump squat (repeat the same process as above)

2 min jump rope — 1 min bicep curl

2 min jump rope — 1 min hammer curl

2 min jump rope — 1 min alternating 5 curls on each arm while the other arm is positioned at a 90-degree angle

2 min jump rope — 1 min hollow body rock

2 min jump rope — 1 min hollow body rock

2 min jump rope — 1 min hollow body rock

2 min jump rope

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