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Shilpa Shetty Just Shared Her Post-Recovery Workout

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Shilpa Shetty is one of the fittest celebrities around and her Instagram feed is always a boost of motivation. Whether it’s videos of her doing yoga in her beautiful garden or preparing healthy (and delicious) smoothie recipes, Shetty is the one to follow if you’re a fitness enthusiast yourself.

The actress, however, has been on a fitness break ever since she injured herself back in August. Shetty suffered from a Left Tibial Plateau Fracture in her knee and had been taking the prescribed rest from intensive workouts since then.

But she took to Instagram, recently, to give us a glimpse of her working out her leg muscles recently and it’s safe to say that the unofficial Instagram fitness guru is back!

Shetty shared a video of her glute activator routine, which she could be seen executing with the help of a Wunda Chair, a common pilates equipment. In the video, the actress was spotted working on strengthening her glute muscles by alternating between the two legs.

She would keep one leg folded at the knee and use the Wunda Chair to keep it stable, while pushing down with the other leg.

“I’ve performed this routine with a more Upright stance (sic). The Upright stance will be gentle on the knee at this stage. Unilateral exercises like these are important as they help with strengthening the weaker side and bring it up, so there is no muscular imbalance, especially during the recovery period post an injury,” she wrote as the caption to her post.

The actress also shared that the routine helps improve stability and reduces muscular imbalance between both legs. “It activates and strengthens the glute and leg muscles; and is really good for Prehab and Rehab. I’ve used the Wunda Chair for the perfect form,” she added.

Shetty, as always, left her followers with a motivational quote at the end of her caption, writing, “Let nothing pull you down. If you set your mind to it, you can move mountains.”

There you go!