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These Are The Hottest And Most Romantic Honeymoon Spots

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Your honeymoon is probably the one of the few holidays you will take in your lifetime that will seem absolutely perfect to you and your newly minted soulmate — because it’s a time you’ve never been happier and view everything through rose-tinted glasses. You could be anywhere on earth, and it’d be romantic, as though the place had opened itself up just for you — whether you’re lying on a beach, or cuddling by a cosy fireplace… HELLO! shows you the nicest hotspots to honeymoon at!

Tokyo, Japan

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Plan your vacay to one of the most beautiful places in the Far East so you’re able to see the country’s most iconic sights — the cherry blossoms, an adored national pastime since the 8th century. Spend time at the lush Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens, one of Tokyo’s most picturesque spots, where more than a 1,000 species of flowering cherry trees come alive. You can then go enjoy some sake and sushi — and take in everything this beautiful place has to offer you and your partner. Trust us, it’ll be worth the long flight!

The best time to visit: February-May

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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A stunning island in the French Polynesian group in the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is perfect if you want a slice of paradise without the thronging crowds. Coral reefs, lush tropical vegetation, lagoons with gorgeous marine life, clear azure waters, sun and sand… This Tahitian haven has it all and is the perfect place for romantic canoodling. Take your pick from an array of resorts, private villas and overwater bungalows, and enjoy the views!

The best time to visit: June-October

Tuscany, Italy

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Cue the ballads by Andrea Bocelli when you arrive at this idyllic honeymoon hotspot. It’ll only add to your fairy-tale romance! Italy — Tuscany, in particular — is the region of exquisite food and wine, and stunning scenery. There’s no shortage of fun things to do here, whether it’s sightseeing, indulging in wine tastings, eating more pasta and pizza than you can digest, or simply walking hand in hand in the small streets of Tuscan towns, taking it all in with your significant other.

The best time to visit: April-June and September-October

Maasai Mara, Kenya

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If it’s a romantic destination you’re looking for that will also tick all of your East African safari fantasies, then Maasai Mara is your answer. From the quintessential savanna landscapes to an abundance of big cats, the drama of the great wildebeest migration to glamorous luxury camps and lodges, there’s something special for honeymooners here. For the utmost privacy, we’d recommend picking a smaller camp with fewer tented rooms, or a stay at the private conservancies that border the reserve, over the massive lodges in the eastern section of the park. Spend your time taking in the gorgeous landscapes, or at private game drives, or even request for a four-poster bed under the stars.

The best time to visit: June-October

Saint-Tropez, France

Honeymoon Destination Saint-Tropez©HELLO! India

France’s entire southern coastline is so gorgeous, you really can’t go wrong when planning a honeymoon here. A few cities you must make sure are on your list are Nice, Provence and Antibes — but make Saint-Tropez the mainstay. The place for jetsetters, super yachts and champagne, it’s an ideal honeymoon spot to live it up in style. Aside from all the glitz, the commune itself is beautiful, and the food, something to experience once in a lifetime for sure. So aller de l’avant!

The best time to visit: May-October

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