‘Bejeweled’ Video© Taylor Swift

We Decoded The ‘Bejeweled’ Video So You Didn’t Have To

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Taylor Swift has blessed us with the ultimate album of the year. Just as we were recovering from the release of Midnights, the ‘Shake It Off’ singer shared a new music video of the song, ‘Bejeweled’ starring Laura Dern, The Haim sisters, Dita von Teese, Jack Antonoff, and Pat McGrath. But Swifties around the world have also spotted some major clues about Taylor Swift’s next release: Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). 

Yes, the singer hasn’t officially shared the news about her upcoming re-recorded album but anyone who knows Swift knows how she loves dropping hints and clues about her upcoming music in precious albums, music videos, and even on social media.

So, keeping up with tradition, the ‘Wildest Dreams’ singer, ‘swiftly’ dropped some major easter eggs that all lead us to her third studio album, Speak Now. Swift, who is currently in the process of re-recording her albums to gain ownership to the masters, shared during an appearance at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon that there are “psychotic amounts” of easter eggs in this video. There were so many clues that Swift’s team had to “create a PDF to keep up with it”. And just like Taylor Swift would have wanted, we have decoded all of the easter eggs in the ‘Bejeweled’ music video that lead us to her 2010s hit album, Speak Now.

The Background Music

‘Bejeweled’ music video background music©Taylor Swift

In the beginning scene, we can hear the violin version of ‘Enchanted’ from the album, Speak Now being played in the background. Along with this, some references from ‘Long Live’ make an appearance in the music video as we see dragons flying behind the castle.

Laura Dern’s Dialogue

‘Bejeweled’ music video dialogue©Taylor Swift

As Swift’s stepsisters, played by the Haim sisters trouble her, Laura Dern, who plays the role of the singer’s evil stepmother says, “Speak not, tired tacky wench! Clean!” This was very much an indirect reference to her album’s title, Speak Now.

Number Three

‘Bejeweled’ music video number 3©Taylor Swift

The number three made quite a few appearances throughout the music video. For all those who don’t know, Speak Now is Taylor Swift’s third album. In the music video, we can see Swift walking into an elevator and pressing the third floor’s button, which is the same colour as the ‘Enchanted’ singer’s dress on the album cover, purple. At the end of the video after finally getting the dream castle, Swift is sitting on a clock, which, no surprise here, is pointing at number three.

Hair Accessories

‘Bejeweled’ music video hair accessories©Taylor Swift

After finally winning the proposal and the heart of Prince Antonoff, Swift is seen winking at the camera while showing off her heart-shaped hair accessories with the initials, ‘S’ and ‘N’.

The Set

‘Bejeweled’ music video set©Taylor Swift

Many loyal fans pointed out how the ‘Bejeweled’ music video’s set looks a lot like the Speak Now World Tour’s design, especially the castle’s balcony. Coincidence? We think not.

The Release Date

‘Bejeweled’ music video release date©Taylor Swift

The ‘Bejeweled’ music video was released on the exact same date Swift’s 2010 album Speak Now was released 12 years ago. This might just be an indication that Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) isn’t that far away.