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BTS’s Jin And Coldplay Are Collaborating Again For New Single

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

BTS’s Jin has teamed up with Coldplay for his upcoming solo track ‘The Astronaut’. After working with the British band earlier for their song, ‘My Universe’ with his team members, Kim Seok-Jin is collaborating with the artists again, but this time as a solo artist.

BTS’s agency, Hybe shared that the upcoming single track ‘The Astronaut’ will be co-written by Jin and Coldplay.

The news of his solo comes after Hybe confirmed that BTS will be enlisting for their mandatory military service, starting with Jin, who turns 30 this year.

The ‘Abyss’ singer was initially supposed to apply for a request to delay his military service but soon ended up withdrawing it. The law of South Korea states that men between the ages of 18-35 have to serve their nation in the military for anywhere between 18 to 21 months. While most celebrities, artists and sportsmen have to abide by the rules and serve their country, there are a few instances where few have been exempted or served a shorter notice because of their achievements that represent the country on a global platform.

Chris Martin and Jin shared a sweet moment last year when Coldplay performed alongside BTS for their song and Martin ended up gifting Jin his guitar.

ARMYs and Coldplay fans are, predictably, excited about the two collaborating again and have flooded the Internet with support for the upcoming single.

BTS’ Jin and Coldplay’s upcomign single will release on October 28, 2022.