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Masaba Gupta’s Arm Workout Looks Simple But Is Deceptively Hard

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Over the past few years, we’ve discovered that there’s little that Masaba Gupta can’t do. Launching a fashion label? Check. Being a lead actor in a show named after her? Check. Create a beauty brand that champions self-love? Check. Be a regular badass who suffers zero nonsense from online trolls? Check and check.

In the midst of all this, the designer-turned-actress finds time to devote to her body in the form of everyday workouts. One of her favourite workouts to do is an arm routine that’s called ‘The Burn’. Just like the name suggests, the workout will make you feel the burn (and so much more) if you dare to try it.

Gupta’s fitness coach Apoorv Mathur shared a clip of the actress trying out ‘The Burn’ as her “arm day finisher”. Mathur helpfully points out in the video’s caption that the workout is perfect for anyone who “likes the feeling of muscles on fire”.

If you’re a braveheart who is not scared to take on ‘The Burn’, then get a pair of weights and follow Mathur’s simple steps.

1) 15 seconds of side raise, followed by 15 seconds of hold in the position.

2) 15 seconds of front raise, followed by 15 seconds of hold in the position.

3) 30 seconds of rear delt fly

4) 30 seconds of hammer curls

5) 30 skull crushers

Sounds simple, right?

Mathur’s top advice for anyone attempting the workout, which he claims is a favourite amongst all his trainees, is to pick a weight that you can sustain for a long time.

Gupta recently shared another video from her workout routine, saying that she has been putting everything ahead of her over the past few months and has finally gotten back in the groove to look after herself.

More power to her and to anyone who will try out ‘The Burn’ for their next arm day. May your post-workout jelly arms forgive you.