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Kim Kardashian Just Launched A Home Accessories Collection

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Eesha Kulkarni

The TV and beauty mogul Kim Kardashian is all set to launch a home accessories collection through her skincare label SKKN this October. The reality star has built quite the empire with numerous businesses to her name ranging from her beauty line SKKN and shapewear brand SKIMS to her private equity venture—which, let’s be honest, no one saw coming—and her partnership with the plant-based meat giant Beyond Meat, multiple collaborations with her sisters’ brands and now her collection of home accessories. From being a mother, entrepreneur and aspiring law student even, the reality TV queen is truly living out her Legally Blonde fantasy. What, like, it’s hard?

Die-hard followers of the Kardashian-Jenner clan know that Kim always had an eye for interior design leaning towards a modern, clean, minimalist, all-beige-everything aesthetic, which has now become the signature look for all her brands. Her product packaging is always free from distracting informational labels or in-your-face branding, and we, for one, love the consistency flowing through Kardhashian’s own home design, the SKKN product design, and now these SKKN home accessories. The modern and understated elegance in not just her brands but even her personal style shines through.

Kim Kardashian Home Accessories©SKKN by Kim

Now, the TV star is launching a home accessories range to complement her skincare line, which bears the same subtle aesthetic with clean lines and neutral, unfussy colours. The collection will include five ethereal, monochromatic concrete pieces—a canister, tissue box, waste bin, vanity tray and sphere container.

While explaining the design idea behind her line she said, “I wanted each piece to be artfully crafted from hand-poured concrete—every item has its own unique texture and stone effect with an ornate patina occurring over time, so no two pieces are exactly the same… I had all the products made up in real stone, and then we mimicked that vision when creating the final versions, and I still keep those stone mockups in my office.”

Proving the marriage between art and functionality in her home accessories line she further explained, “I especially love how the Round Container and the Canister are perfect for storing cotton pads, Q-tips or for any trinkets on countertops or around the home to keep it clutter-free.”

So, are you guys as excited as we are to get your hands on the clutter-free, almost zen-like home accessories by Kim? The gorgeous grey concrete collection is all set to release on 6 October and can be found on SKKN’s website. Catch the collection here!