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5 Top Moments From Anil Kapoor And Varun Dhawan’s ‘Koffee With Karan’ Episode

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

After cementing their status as one of the best on-screen father-son duo in JugJugg Jeeyo, Varun Dhawan and Anil Kapoor decided to reveal that the camaraderie is very much in existence off-screen as well in the latest episode of Koffee With Karan.

Just as host Karan Johar predicted in his opening monologue, the duo brought complete chaos to the episode and it was a rollercoaster from start to finish.

The actors went on from discussing types of infidelity to confessing the insecurities they have because of their contemporaries and tracing their journey from the beginning to the point where they’re at now.

Aside from this, Kapoor also dispensed top-shelf self-love advice and Dhawan revealed that he believes his dog would be the first one to discover if he cheated on his wife or not. You’d just have to see the episode to make sense of what was happening on the episode.

Till then, here are some of the top highlights of the 11th episode of Koffee With Karan.

Varun Dhawan being protective of Karan Johar

Karan Johar with Varun Dhawan©Getty Images

It’s no secret (mostly because Johar never fails to remind us in every episode) that the director gets trolled mercilessly online for most of his life decisions, whether they’re related to who he is casting in his movies or his extra fashion choices. While Johar tries to remain unfazed by the haters, he revealed Dhawan has grown to become more protective of him over time. He revealed that the Badlapur actor would reach out to him and implore him to not do something that would get him trolled online.

Dhawan agreed and said he feels that Johar is misrepresented in the media and the rest of the world, with people only focussing on his flashy clothes and diamonds without realising that he’s an actual human being with relationships and feelings.

“They just see Karan Johar as an exterior. Like they will see these diamonds you’re wearing, they will see this snazzy suit you’re wearing, and they will believe that this is what Karan Johar is. They don’t want to believe that he’s a father, he’s a loving son. He runs an office, how well he takes care of his entire staff.”

Anil Kapoor on Nepotism

Anil Kapoor and Jackie Shroff©Getty Images

A staple of the show, nepotism was brought up again in the episode, especially because the two guests are entrenched in the debate with Dhawan being a star kid and Kapoor being a part of one of the biggest film families in Bollywood right now. Kapoor said he doesn’t pay attention to the discussion and debates as he feels his work would speak for itself. He recalled that his being a star kid didn’t help him at all when he was starting out in his career.

“I just don’t take it seriously. I feel you just keep doing your work and your work speaks. This is a kind of question, especially if you are an actor, you can’t pass on that legacy to your brother or son. You either have it or you don’t.”

The actor went on to reveal that, in the beginning, he would only get bit roles in movies and some work in South Indian regional cinema, while outsider Jackie Shroff got his big break with a Subhash Ghai film.

Varun Dhawan’s alternate career as a Sex Therapist

During a special segment on the show, Johar invited people to call and ask Dhawan and Kapoor for relationship advice since both of them are happily married and, therefore, qualified to give relationship advice. The mini segment allowed the world to discover that if Dhawan wasn’t in the film industry, he could very well have his own sex advice column in a newspaper somewhere.

The actor responded to the callers’ queries about spicing up their sex lives with detailed tips and (seemingly) legitimate supplements they can take to enhance their libido (a problem Dhawan assures us he doesn’t have). His unexpected turn as a live-action sex encyclopedia left both Johar and Kapoor (and the rest of us) stumped.

Anil Kapoor stalks Shah Rukh Khan on Social Media

Anil Kapoor with Shah Rukh Khan©GettyImages

Answering one of the questions during the Rapid Fire round, Kapoor revealed that the celebrity whose social media he likes to stalk is Shah Rukh Khan. When Johar complained that SRK is not a fair answer because he rarely posts anything, Kapoor opened up about his reasons, revealing that he is just like us. The actor said that he finds SRK’s Tweets and posts extremely witty and funny and he can’t stop reading them, saying “less is always more”.

Anil Kapoor on Self-love

Kapoor is an actor who is only getting better with age and he makes sure everyone around him knows it! The actor revealed his self-love mantra which is to praise and compliment yourself because others might not do it as much as you want them to. Then, during the segment where the guests have to call their celebrity friends and have them say “hi” to Johar for game points, Kapoor proceeded to call himself as he is the biggest star in his opinion (later revealing that nobody else was picking up his call!).

You can stream all the episodes of Koffee With Karan on Disney+ Hotstar.