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Indian Wedding Shows and Movies To Add To Your Binge-List

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Wedding season is hands down one of the best seasons of the year. Meeting up with your friends and family and celebrating your loved ones is truly a special feeling. But while we wait for wedding season to start, might we suggest indulging in some wedding-themed shows and movies to entertain you?

Here are some Indian wedding series, documentaries, and films that we’ve got on our watchlist and you should have on yours too, before the wedding season begins.

Indian Matchmaking

The show of the moment, Indian Matchmaking has been the talk of the town ever since it was first released in 2020. The show revolves around the Indian wedding phenomenon of arranged marriages as Mumbai’s top matchmaker, Sima Taparia, travels around the world to help her clients find their perfect match. Full disclosure, it’s so cringe-worthy that you can’t stop watching it.

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The Big Day

If you’re a sucker for big, grand weddings, this show might just be your new favourite. Netflix’s The Big Day is a six-episode docu-series that takes us through some of the biggest Indian weddings we have ever seen. Couples walk us through their love story and how they created the wedding of their dreams in the most beautiful ways. It’s all the inspiration you need if you’re planning your own wedding.

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Made In Heaven

Creating weddings that are larger than life is never as easy as it seems. While we do see the happy moments, the process isn’t always as great as it looks. Amazon Prime Video’s Made In Heaven revolves around two wedding planners, Arjun and Tara, who promise their clients to give them something to remember while going through their own set of struggles as they navigate their way to make Made In Heaven the best wedding planning company in India.

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Wedding Season (2022)

The movie that is on everyone’s watchlist, Wedding Season is quite similar to Netflix’s other hit movie, Holidate, but with some charming, foot-tapping desi flavour. The film revolves around Asha and Ravi, who come up with a pact that helps them stay away from prying aunties when their parents set them up on a date. They decide to attend all the weddings of the year as a couple but things start to get complicated. Our advice? Watch this feel-good film on date night for all the feels.

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