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Is Reese Witherspoon’s Daughter Going To Be A Part Of Legally Blonde 3?

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Remember how a few days ago we had told you how Reese Witherspoon is working hard to make sure the upcoming third instalment of the Legally Blonde does justice to the iconic movie series? Turns out, there might be another reason to get excited about the next Elle Woods adventure.

Mindy Kaling, who is producing and co-writing the third movie, has revealed that she wants Witherspoon’s real-life daughter Ava Phillippe to play her on-screen daughter in the movie.

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In a recent interview with Extra, Kaling revealed that it all depends on the 22-year-old star kid, “Listen, I think I can do anything, and if that’s something she wanted to do, what a joy to have her in that.”

Ever since the movie was announced in 2018, the expectations of fans have increased exponentially with every little morsel of news regarding the third addition to the series.

Kaling had confirmed that in this one, Elle and her best friend Paulette (Jennifer Coolidge) will have a “juicy story”. She has also revealed that everyone’s favourite Harvard graduate will be 40 in this one. In 2021, she spoke to Access Hollywood about the new Elle Woods that we would meet in this new one, “I can’t wait to see what people will think of the way we wrote Elle Woods,” she added, “We wrote Elle Woods at 40, so how Elle is at 40 versus how she was at 21 has been really fun to imagine.”

This hints at the possibility of Phillippe being a part of the movie and acting as her reel-life daughter, but nothing has been confirmed on that end.

If she comes on board, this won’t be the first time Kaling has worked with a Witherspoon offspring. The actress’ 18-year-old son Deacon Phillippe has been a part of Kaling’s Netflix series Never Have I Ever as Parker in the latest season.

“He’s so funny, so talented,” said Kaling, “He’s obviously, like, very handsome, and we had a great time with him on set, and he is like his mom where, after he wrapped, he sent me a handwritten note, thanking me for being on set. You could just tell Reese is his mom. You’re just like, ‘Oh, you’re a good person. I can’t imagine anyone saying a bad thing about you. You’re one of those.’”Kaling added, “Him and his sister are both that way…. And so it was just great to have him on set and he was really cute.”

Kaling and co-writer Dan Goor are working on the script that won’t disappoint Legally Blonde fans. Are you excited about the third instalment?