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The Cast Of K-Drama ‘Adamas’ Reveal What Drew Them To Their Characters

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Twin brothers set out to uncover the truth behind their stepfather’s murder twenty-two years ago of which their biological father has been falsely accused. The stakes are high, the conspiracies and intrigue far more twisted than anticipated and a conglomerate at the helm of it all. Will their best-laid plans uncover the truth? Or will they only get entwined in the web of lies and deceit?

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The latest K DramaAdamas, which takes its name from the Greek word for ‘invincible’, from which ‘diamond’ also gets its name, is a taut thriller that features a stellar cast, including Ji Sung (Devil Judge, Kill Me Heal Me), Seo Ji-hye (Kiss Sixth Sense, Crash Landing On You), Lee Soo-kyung (Yaksha, The Ruthless Operation), and is directed by Park Seung-woo (Kairos, I Am Not Robot).

Ji Sung, perhaps one of the most versatile and consistent Korean stars, will be seen in a double role—a mystery novelist Ha Woosin and his prosecutor twin brother Song Suh-yeon, who use their skills to uncover the truth behind the murder.

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Comparing his double role in Adamas to his seven characters in the 2015 psychological drama Kill Me Heal Me, where he played a rich heir suffering from a dissociative identity disorder, the actor said, “This was a completely different role because those seven characters were multiple identities in one person. So to me, each of those characters were different. But this one was of playing twin brothers and I approached them as the person. These two are very similar and almost the same people but with slight differences, so I had to pay attention to those nuances. That was quite a challenge. I really fell in love with both my characters.”

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Director Park Seung-woo describes his latest work as a “genre defying drama,” and a “complex combination of action with a taste of noir as well”. However, he credits his lead star Ji Sung for understanding and grasping his vision, “I would praise Ji Sung every minute; he read my mind, he is reliable and great to work with.”

An actor who is quite a veteran when it comes to the thriller genre (The Devil Judge, The Innocent Defendant, Secret Love ) says, “Director (Park Seun-woo) has always spoken his mind and that’s what gives me the confidence to give my best performance on set.”

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Playing Eun Hye-soo, the wife of the eldest son of a conglomerate, Seo Ji-hye describes her character as “mysterious”, saying, “What she has inside is rarely revealed to the outside world, you keep wondering will she help the twins or not in their pursuit,” adding that her on-screen character’s ultra femininity is nothing like her own real self, “I just wanted to play her as authentically.”

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The drama also reunites Ji Sung and Seo Ji-hye a decade since All In, which marked Seo Ji’s debut, “It’s rarely the case that I meet [a co-star] on two different projects and meeting Ji Sung on Adamas was great and having worked together earlier helped us with our on-screen chemistry.”

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“Yes, acting with her and looking at her, I can see that she still has what I saw about her 10 years ago,” added co-star Ji Sung.

The 16-episode Adamas will stream on Disney+Hotstar from July 27 and run through till September.