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EXCLUSIVE: Let Gauri Khan Guide You In Sprucing Up Your Space

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

Gauri Khan is one of the best celebrity interior designers in our country. Her love for space design can be seen through her work, as she always brings a unique charm to whichever project she’s working on.

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Khan is known to create spaces that truly resonate with her clients and their lifestyle. Some of her most popular projects include her long-time friend, Karan Johar’s 8,000 sq foot penthouse home that is literally an extension of the director’s grandeur personality. But one of her much different projects that were quite contrasting to the luxury spaces was the Mexican restaurant Sancho, where Khan managed to bring a piece of Mexico to Mumbai.

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Khan’s unique personal style is a stunning blend of modernism with gilded elegance that can be seen in every project.

Recently, Khan teamed up with her closest friend, designer Manish Malhotra to collaborate on the ultimate dream project with Bonito Designs, an Indian home design brand that focuses on curating catalogue-free, personalised interior solutions. The dream collab means that two of the industry’s top names will be teaming up to create beautiful spaces like never before.

We got an opportunity to have a little chat with Gauri Khan and talk all about interiors and her love for design. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation...

HELLO!: How did the Bonito x Gauri Khan collaboration come to life?

Gauri Khan: “What attracted me to collaborate with Bonito Designs is the way Bonito customises each home. Bonito team spends time understanding each customer before beginning the design process, which is necessary. It was exciting to bring my expertise in design along with Bonito to create dream homes. This will be a first-of-its-kind collaboration where a diverse set of customers from Mumbai and Bengaluru will experience real interior design by me.”

H!: Having designed three restaurants, where do you draw your inspiration from when it comes to creating a commercial space like a restaurant? 

GK: “My inspiration primarily stems from my travels. For instance, Sancho, my third restaurant project, is inspired by Mexico’s bright and vibrant colours. The colours have found their way into almost everything at the restaurant—from the bar panel to the striking bathroom space with multicoloured mosaic tiles. We also kept in mind the chef’s preference for nature and incorporated that by adding a touch of greenery. It’s also important for me to ensure that there is plenty of natural lighting in the spaces I design.”

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H!: Can you recall a project that was particularly challenging and pushed you out of your comfort zone?

GK: “Recently, we did a few projects for a radio show where I had to completely revamp the look of Manish Malhotra, Katrina Kaif, Malaika Arora, and Farah Khan’s room in just 3 -5 days. But I am glad I did it, because it truly pushed my boundaries.”

H!: When it comes to designing your own home, do your family’s and your aesthetic align? How do you deal with multiple aesthetics clashing?

GK: “I think our home has a little bit of what everyone likes per their individual needs and requirements, so I guess that keeps everyone happy!”

H!: What’s the one interior trend you like and one that you don’t like? 

GK: “I like clean lines, but I don’t really like too many colours used in one room.”

H!: Which five decor/furniture pieces would you highly recommend people invest in?

GK: “I think that a few pieces of decor and furniture that one can invest in are antique pieces, art (if one is into it), a statement piece for your living room like a table or a sofa, a few great lighting sets like a table or floor lamp, and a good quality carpet.”

H!: What’s your dream project that you would love to take on?

GK: “Designing a beach house would be an interesting project that I would like to take on.”