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5 Scary Indian True Crime Docu-Series You Need To Watch RN

Salva Mubarak
Senior Features Writer

Crime and mystery has always been a mainstay of Indian cinema and TV world. But true crime, as a genre, has only gained steam in the past few years. The genre has blown up, seemingly overnight, with chilling retellings of murder mysteries, both solved and unsolved, becoming commonplace on OTT platforms, especially Netflix.

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The recent Indian true crime docu-series Indian Predator: The Butcher of Delhi is the newest one that’s blowing people’s minds. The three-episode miniseries follows the investigation into the notorious Delhi CC Killer, who ruthlessly dismembered his victims and left their mutilated bodies outside Delhi’s Tihar Jail with taunting notes. Filmmaker Ayesha Sood has used interviews and archival footage to give us an insight into what went behind solving the gruesome mystery.

If you’re someone who loves the genre and want to see more Indian true crime stories being depected methodically in the form of a docu-series, or are just someone who is dipping their toes in to see if it takes or not, here are five thrilling true crime series to watch if you don’t like sleeping much at night...

House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths

This Netflix series offers the world an insight into one of the most baffling and horrifying cases that shook the capital city in 2018. The sensational mass suicide of 11 members of a family in North Delhi’s Burari region spawned many theories, from foul play to supernatural interference. What actually took place somehow managed to be even more chilling and shocking than any possible theory.

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Crime Stories: India Detectives

This miniseries focuses more on the lives of the people solving the crimes than the actual crime itself. It followed four investigative teams from different police stations as they work towards cracking open cases including three murders and one kidnapping in Bengaluru. It offers a rare insight into the inner workings of the crime-solving systems in our country.

Bad Boy Billionaires: India

The documentary anthology series focuses on billionaires who managed to pull some of biggest financial scams in the country’s history. The originally four part series revolves around Indian industrialists accused of corruption like Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi, Ramalinga Raju, and Subarata Roy. The series had to be released in parts, following a lawsuit initiated by Roy. The Ramalinga Raju episode has also not been released yet because it’s stuck in legal injunctions since December 2020.

My Daughter Joined A Cult

Self-styled godmen are one of the biggest plagues in India in modern times. One such conman Swami Nithyananda became the subject of this Discovery+ series which follows his exploitation of his followers and his rise and ultimate fall. The three-part series also draws attention to the people, both innocent and otherwise, who were at the center of the cult leader’s universe.

Money Mafia

Like the Netflix series, this one uncovers the dirty details behind some of the biggest white-collar crimes of the country. From the Telgi scam to Mehul Choski’s money laundering scandals, the series dives deep into every little detail about the cases. Over two seasons, the docu-series covers eight crimes using facts, interviews, and archival footage.