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Indian Romance Books To Add To Your Bookshelf In 2022

Reisha Shetty
Junior Digital Writer

With the monsoon season just hitting the city, it’s time to officially retire from work, grab a cup of your favourite hot beverage and get cosy with a romantic book that makes you feel warm and fuzzy, unlike the weather outside. So, allow us to let us help you find the perfect romance novel for you, and who knows romance better than some of our favourite Indian authors. From Sakshama Puri Dhariwal to Andaleeb Wajid, these authors have a knack to create a beautiful world of romance that transports you.

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Hot Romance Novels by Indian Authors

The Wedding Photographer By Sakshama Puri Dhariwal

The Wedding Photographer©Penguin Books

A breezy, fun romantic comedy that will not let you stop reading, Sakshama Puri Dhariwal’s The Wedding Photographer is an absolute must-read. The story revolves around Risha, a journalist and part-time wedding photographer, who ends up sitting next to handsome real estate mogul, Arjun Khanna on a 17-hour flight only to find out that her next assignment is Arjun’s sister’s wedding. But while sparks are flying, there is a small problem—Arjun hates journalists, and once he finds out that Risha is also one of them, he starts believing that she’s using their connection only to get a scoop for the tabloids. Amidst the big fat Punjabi wedding, they soon start falling for each other but find themselves knee-deep in testing waters that threaten to ruin everything.

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Paper Moon By Rehana Munir

Paper Moon©Harper Collins

A story that is all about romance, Bombay, and books, Rehana Munir’s Paper Moon is a heartwarming novel that will leave you wanting for me. Paper Moon revolves around Fiza, who is fresh out of college and has great plans for her life. But things start to change after the death of her estranged father, who has left her a large sum of money in the hope that she will open a bookshop. Soon, Fiza finds herself amidst a book buying spree and some major interior decisions as she takes it upon herself to turn a charming old bungalow in Bandra into the book shop of her father’s dreams—Paper Moon. But just when things finally start to settle, Fiza gets stuck in a love triangle between a handsome customer, Iqbal, and her ex-boyfriend Dhruv, for whom her feelings still very much exist. As Fiza navigates her life and love, you’ll find yourself glued to a book that’ll touch your heart.

The One That Got Away By Priyanka Menon

The One That Got Away©Harlequin

A story about lost love and finding your way back to it, The One That Got Away By Priyanka Menon is a book you need to read if you believe in soulmates. The story is about two childhood best friends, Shyamita and Jai who have always been inseparable, and secretly in love. But as life goes on, the two lose contact, only to meet once again at a close friend’s wedding and, as expected, sparks fly. As they navigate their friendship and see their feelings in a new light, they must decide if they want to be in each other’s life or let their one true love get away, again.

The Crunch Factor By Andaleeb Wajid

The Crunch Factor©Hachette

When there is love, there is a high chance of food and your long-lost lover being around. Andaleeb Wajid’s The Crunch Factor is about 26-year-old Aliya, who found her calling in food photography and styling. But while she is thriving professionally, her family is on her back about getting married. So, to get out of her house, Aliya decides to get married to the charming Kamaal, who owns a popular restaurant in Bengaluru. Just when she thinks she found her match made in heaven, her first love, Sameer appears in front of her on the day of their engagement. The only problem is, that he is the celebrated chef of Kamaal’s highly successful restaurant, forcing all her deep, hidden feelings to come back to the surface. As Aliya ponders over which road to take, one thing is for sure, the ride is going to be deliciously messy. If you love food and love triangles as much as Aliya does, this is the book for you.

What’s Good About Falling By Prajwal Hegde

What’s Good About Falling©Harper Collins

For every sports enthusiast who loves a good romance, this one’s for you. What’s Good About Falling by Prajwal Hegde revolves around the Indian tennis star, Arya Ashok, who at 27 is one of the best players in India. As her health catches up, her dream of winning a grand slam hits a snag. But when she meets the cricketing world’s new name Arvind Ram at Wimbledon, major sparks are flying. As their newfound love becomes the talk of the town, they both realise that their careers are on two different paths. But will they let this affect them, or will they forfeit this match? A sweet, easy read, What’s Good About Falling can fulfil every sports fan’s fantasy of falling in love with a sportsperson.